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The scientific journal "Journal of Innovative University of Eurasia" has been published since December 1998.

The journal publishes papers on original and previously unprinted results of research in the field of physico-mathematical, technical, biological, chemical and technological, economic, social, humanitarian and related sciences, ecology, international scientific relations and research of young scientists.

Manuscripts of articles in various fields, as well as brief comments on previously published works, information about conferences and meetings, review of monographs are welcomed for publication. Articles are accompanied by a complete CV.

The journal publishes articles of domestic and foreign authors in Kazakh, Russian, English and German languages. Frequency: Journal is published 4 times a year (quarterly).

The journal is distributed in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad.

ISSN 1729-536Х

Founder of scientific journal: Innovative University of Eurasia.

The registration certificate number 8712-F October 10th 2007 issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Archive of articles
Development of a new fermented dairy product with functional properties

Annotation: The article deals with the development of technologies for the preparation of fermented dairy products, which makes it possible to consider the scientific task of creating yoghurt products with the use of starter cultures as an actual one.

Author: A.N. Lukash
Experience in the use of rating indicators of the region in the national economy of KR (on the example of the Pavlodar region)

Annotation: In the given article there presented the ranking score of the regions of the republic based on the main socio-economic indicators. Besides, there made a ranking on a ratio basis of the regions in the gross regional product of the country. The comparative analysis of the rating positions let us determine the causes reducing the growth of competitiveness of the region.

Сreation of a modern web-resource of educational subdivision of institution

Annotation: In the article is considered the necessity of presence of web-resource of educational subdivision of institution. The basic requirements are certain to the web-resource. Description over of the worked out web-site and applied toolset is brought.