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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Review of indicators of transport infrastructure development in Pavlodar region

Annotation: The state of transport infrastructure depends on the economic, social stability and communicability of any connections within the country, so as with other countries. The state program for the development of the territories sets the indicators of direct and final results for the purposeful development of the transport infrastructure. The state of the transport infrastructure is assessed based on an analysis of the achievement of these indicators. The article considers approaches to the analysis of indicators of direct and final results of transport infrastructure under the program of territory development of Pavlodar region.

Author: A.N. Yertaeva

Staffing provision of the activity of the Communal state enterprise on the right of business «Aktogay central district hospital»

Annotation: In the article, on the materials of the Communal state enterprise on the right of business «Aktogay central district hospital, the problems of staffing provision of healthcare sphere institutions of Pavlodar region are considered. The article gives the analysis of the current state of the problem and the ways of its solution, including mechanisms of state support and regulation.


Socio-economic development of Bayanaul region: analysis of the state and development trends

Annotation: The article focuses on the key issues of the socio-economic development and formulates the problems hindering its development on the base of materials of Bayanaul region.


Organizations strategic management in telecommunications

Annotation: Strategic purpose and objectives of organization and companies development in a competitive environment are considered in this article. Author defines the notion "strategic management". Furthermore, theoretical bases of construction of organization's strategic management are presented. All this creates real bases for achievement of desirable or predictable future status of the company.


Conditions of invalidity of legal transactions

Annotation: In this article, the conditions of invalidity of legal transactions and the consequences prescribed by the law are considered.

Analysis and Evaluation of Dynamic of Emergency Situations in Ekibastuz city

Annotation: The paper analyzes dynamics of emergency situations in rural zone of Ekibastuz city. The main causes of emergencies of natural and anthropogenic nature are presented. The analysis was based on five-year experience of the Department of Emergency Situations in Ekibastuz city. The material damage from emergency incidents is in the order of several millions. Measures of a preventive and recommendatory nature aimed at preventing and eliminating emergencies are proposed.

Formation of spiritual and moral values in the lessons of self-knowledge

Annotation: The article considers the formation of spiritual and moral values among students in the self-knowledge lessons. This article also provides a modern teaching method such as an association

Religion and youth

Annotation: The article deals with religion, including Islam, which does not impose restrictions on obtaining knowledge. A learned person must keep up the pace of life in the contemporary world. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to manage the time given in youth correctly; try to get an education, to find a way to the mastery of a profession. The younger generation should strive to introduce modern technology.

Review of methods of diagnosis of failures of electric motor

Annotation: In the article different methods of diagnosis of failures of electric equipment which are most often found in the industry today. The classification of methods for diagnosing motor failures is presented, and the advantages and disadvantages of existing methods for diagnosing failures in electric equipment are revealed. Based on the description of the methods of diagnosing electric equipment failures, a comparative table was compiled. Analyzing the comparative table of methods for diagnosing failures of electric equipment, the most current method for diagnosing the technical condition of the electric motor was determined.

The effect of conductive electromagnetic interference on the phase-to-ground fault current in 6-35 kV networks

Annotation: The article presents a study of the effect of a resistor in a network neutral point from 6 to 35 kV on the conductive electromagnetic interference with the ground-fault current. A mathematical model is proposed.

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