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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 4

Financial support of students at “InEU” LLP

Annotation: This article examines the mechanisms of financial support for students at Innovative University of
Eurasia, the conditions of financial support for students and ways to solve them.


Realization of the state program for development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the example of Pavlodar region

Annotation: This article examines the state program for the development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan
based on the example of the Pavlodar region. A report is presented on the implementation of this program and
the main problems are discussed. Priority directions of development and measures for their implementation are


The organization of management in conditions of emergency relief operations in the Pavlodar region

Annotation: The work analyzes the emergency situations that occurred on the territory of the Pavlodar region. The
main causes of emergencies of natural and man-made nature are presented.
The article contains the results of the analysis of the effectiveness of management in a safety-related
system in the Pavlodar region and recommendations for improving the safety-related system during the
emergency relief operations.

Maintenance of statistics of control and measuring instruments with the help of an automated workplace of a metrological engineer

Annotation: The purpose of the work is the creation of an information system that allows to carry out activity on
accounting and keeping statistics on the means of measurement used in production. An analysis of the use of
such a system at a number of large industrial enterprises is performed. The database and the program working
with a database of means of measurement on required technological positions and maintenance are developed.
The program provides graphs on the accumulated statistical data.

The review of national legal instruments dealing with chemicals management issues

Annotation: This article considers chemical safety as a system of measures aimed at protecting vital human interests
against adverse chemical effect from threats of processing, storing and destroying hazardous chemicals.
Chemical safety is ensured by a complex of legal, organizational, financial, material and informational
measures intended for prevention and elimination of real and potential security risk, mitigation of their

Determination of the effectiveness of the use of a biological preparation «Bacticide» in combating gnat

Annotation: The proposed article presents the results of a study of the effectiveness of the application of the biological
preparation «Bacticide» to combat blood-sucking insects.
The relevance of the topic is due to the enzooticity of a significant part of the territory of the Republic of
Kazakhstan for various natural-focal diseases. The carriers of many diseases are blood-sucking arthropods,
which provide circulation of pathogens in nature and serve as their reservoirs and long-term custodians. The
study of ecologo-epizootological features of vectors of medical significance in various infectious diseases is an
important part of the work in the complex of antiepidemic measures.

Сallus of medicinal plants in laboratory

Annotation: The article describes the process of producing callus cells from medicinal plants that are found in
Kazakhstan. During the experiments, suitable external factors and optimal growth media for callus were

Different approaches to the definition and study of concepts

Annotation: Different approaches to the definition and study of concepts are analyzed in the article. It is noted that at
the present time the most common are linguistic, linguocognitive, linguocultural, psycholinguistic approaches
that consider the concept from the point of view of certain invariant features. The relevance of conceptual
research led to the emergence of a new direction of linguistics - linguo-conceptology, dealing with the study of
objectified in the language of cultural concepts. Within the framework of this direction, it becomes possible to
compare the concepts of one linguistic culture with some other one.


Creating an electronic textbook on mathematics

Annotation: The article considers basic principles and approaches for creation of an electronic textbook, the stages of
introduction of information and communication technologies in the learning process. The main stages of
creating an electronic publication in accordance with the requirements for the development of a modern
textbook are presented.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

Behavioral safety audit as a tool for changing the work culture

Annotation: The article presents new tools for managing labour safety to conduct behavioral safety audits, transforming meetings and labor protection councils into cascade committees, to implement technical and safety standards, and to use new assessment and motivation system and methods of internal incidents investigation.

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