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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Interaction between the government and local authorities in addressing socio-economic issues (foreign experience)

Annotation: This article describes the experience of interaction between government and local authorities in foreign countries, factors and conditions necessary for the effective social and economic development, as well as a discusses the impact of local government on social and economic development. A comparative analysis of the Pavlodar region.

Author: A. Denden

Evaluation of staff in a commercial bank

Annotation: This article shows the problems and peculiarities that arise from the bank's administration in the management and evaluation of staff. With proper assessment staff can identify potential for promotion and reduce the risk of extension of incompetent staff, determine the need for and the cost of training employees to maintain a sense of justice and to increase work motivation, provide feedback to the staff on the quality of their work and the work of th of personnel, motivation, corporate culture, commercial bank,, career development, monitoring.


Features governance of the social sphere of the Pavlodar region

Annotation: This paper evaluated the governance of the social sphere of the Pavlodar region. Based on the analysis of the main social indicators, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the region in this area, as well as identify opportunities and threats that affect the development of the region as a whole. In a changing social and economic relations, the issues related management and development of a regional social complex. Their decision depends not only on the success of social reform, but also the normalization of the socio-political situation in Kazakhstan.


Organizational-economic aspects of innovative development company Pavlodar region

Annotation: The article describes the results of an analytical assessment of innovative potential of Pavlodar region. Now in terms of the investment attractiveness of the country, it becomes an important task of forming a competitive domestic reserves of socio-economic development of the region, the solution of which requires the development of innovative management solutions. Innovations embodied in the new scientific knowledge, products, technologies, services, equipment, training of personnel, organization of production, is a major competitive factor in all economically developed countries. In the face of fierce competition inherent in a market economy, the innovative development of enterprises has become a key tool for ensuring sustainable long-term development

Author: A.N. Maksutov

Experience in the use of rating indicators of the region in the national economy of KR (on the example of the Pavlodar region)

Annotation: In the given article there presented the ranking score of the regions of the republic based on the main socio-economic indicators. Besides, there made a ranking on a ratio basis of the regions in the gross regional product of the country. The comparative analysis of the rating positions let us determine the causes reducing the growth of competitiveness of the region.


Psychological aspects of developing leader flairs on the example of research of students of technical institution of higher learning

Annotation: The review of the main theories of leadership is provided in this article, basic provisions of leadership, development of leader abilities of students of a higher educational institution are revealed. The characteristic of the leader of students' group is given. The problem of leadership and the management is presented as a problem of integration of group activity. It is claimed that leadership represents skill which can be developed among students. In the article the conclusion about need of purposeful systematic psychology and pedagogical work for higher education institutions for creation conditions for students in formation of leadership skills in future experts is drawn. Results of research of leader abilities of students are the cornerstone of conclusions, ways, possibilities of development and formation of leader abilities by training and self-training are offered.

The organizing of the curriculum at the Oktyabrsk secondary school with due regard for the variation components

Annotation: The building contain, contain is one of the basic meaning of the development of the person and the forming of his basic culture. The authors searched the incompatibility between the definite aims of the building and the curriculum and between the curriculum and the pupil’s book. In this article the working curriculum at the Oktyabrsk secondary school with due regard for the variation components and with due regard of the pupils’ age feature and the material and technical basis are considered. There is also the explaining of the curriculum organizing in this article. During the selection of the contain of the variation components the common didactics criterions which are formulate by Y.K. Babanskiy are suggested like the base.

Skills of the owning behavior with crisis situations at pupils of teenage and youthful age

Annotation: In this article is considers the problem of development of skills in pupils to own difficult life situations in difficult circumstances of modern life. The author considers basic provisions of crisis situations and ways of behavior of pupils in them. The owning behavior of teenagers is considers as the purposeful public behavior allowing the subject to cope with problems (or stresses) by methods adequate to personal features and situations, through intelligent strategy of acts.

Pedagogical activity during the period of adaptation to the middle level of secondary school

Annotation: This article views the issues of adaption of the 5-th grade schoolboy to the middle level of a secondary school. The opportunities of creative attitude to the organizing the transition period schoolboy are considered. The reasons of the problems of the adaptation schoolboy are revealed.

On the issue of the strategic approach to family counseling

Annotation: This article describes the concept and the role of a strategic approach to family counseling. Currently, the strategic approach to family counseling is the most common type of psychotherapy in the family. The article compares the strategic approach to the systemic and structural approach to family counseling. This method of family therapy focused on problem solving and psychotherapists this area do not focus on personal features of family members, are not intended to achieve the client or family insight.

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