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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Characteristics of mental working ability of pupils of middle school in educational process of secondary school

Annotation: The study of the dynamics of productivity of middle school students in the general education school during the school week was conducted. It has been revealed that when the class schedule is created, the norms of the organization of the school day are sometimes not observed, which is reflected in the dynamics of the mental working ability of students in the educational process.

Graphite laminated materials strength properties and energy characteristics of polymer binders

Annotation: The approach which was proposed earlier for composite materials strength prediction using
contact angle measurements was applied for graphite laminated materials. It was shown that the calculation of
the work of adhesion to polar and non-polar model liquids can be applied to the choice of polymer binder.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Management Trends in reforming the higher education system

Annotation: This article discusses global trends in the development of the higher education system, including higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is also considered and the processes. Analyzed determines the transition to the post-industrial stage of development, which is based on an innovative direction.
As part of the innovation activities of the state is considered the intellectual capital as a strategic factor
determining the prospects of its development and competitiveness. All this implies the development of effective resource management measures.


Demographic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and their peculiarities

Annotation: The presented article examines the demographic processes taking place in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which characterize the demographic situation in Kazakhstan. And also the objectives and tasks of the state, the main of which is the management of demographic processes and development of the effective type of population reproduction are considered. The population policy covers a wide range of problems of reproductivity, the creation of the composition and structure of labor resources and their effective application. In a narrow sense, the demographic policy should be understood as the impact on the reproductivity by means of socio-economic activities that affect the demographic processes. The dramatically limited resources make it impossible to solve the government control problems of socio-demographic processes, employment, and unemployment in the required degree.

Formation and development of the educational system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The article deals with the basic concepts of the formation and development of higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As well as the policies of redistribution of responsibilities of management in higher education system and its gradual decentralization that will not only distribute power and responsibility, but also introduce a more democratic form of government. Expand the autonomy institutions of higher education and ensure active public participation in the management of higher education institutions and the quality of its educational programs.
One of the fundamental factors is to attract students to identify the competencies of employers, academic
communities, graduates. Learning objectives at the same time should be determined in accordance with the
professional requirements of the labor market.

Types and methods of game training for development of speech of preschool aged children

Annotation: The article describes the types and methods of game training for the development of speech of preschool
aged children. The author presented the results of the research on game training conducted on the basis of the kindergarden № 44 of Pavlodar city. Practice has shown that dramatization, role-playing plot games,
integrative games, didactic games give an advantage in the development of children's speech, because children's speech plays a huge role in the game. During the game, children communicate with each other, express emotions, their thoughts, determine the content and intent of the game. Game can be organized simply by words, plays, imitating the facts and events of life, develops mutual understanding and friendly relations between children. The ultimate goal of the game is that children learn how to correctly use words, phrases, sentences during reading and speaking. Role games help the child formulate words and thoughts.

An example of making a mixture for keeping the soil balance of agricultural crops

Annotation: To improve soil water regime and moisture supply of plants, moisture-swelling polymeric materials are
used in the form of hydrogels, which, upon contact with water, rapidly absorb and retain it for a long time in its volume. However, widespread of such hydrogels used in plant growing is currently limited by its high cost. In this connection, from the economic point of view, the use of composite materials as soil conditioners is of great importance, including inexpensive natural raw materials in its composition while maintaining high rates of moisture sorption and water retention.
The task is to improve the mixture to maintain the soil balance of various agricultural crops by changing the quantitative ratio of components, significantly cheaper the composition, improving its quality indicators. The purpose of the scientific article is the mixture for maintaining the soil balance of various agricultural crops, which contains an active product based on a granulated hydrogel and a targeted additive.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

The demographic policy of Kazakhstan

Annotation: This article deals with the theoretical aspects of demographic policy of Kazakhstan, as well as analysis of the problem and the demographic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also it studies target of demographic policy and government measures to improve the demographic situation in the country. There is another reserve; it is those people who live in other countries are similar in many respects to the Kazakh people, and who want to live in Kazakhstan. Today it is especially important to make the new apartments available to the population and reduce the cost of their cost. In connection with the transformation of the republic into a huge construction site of the construction industry should be developed intensively

Socio-cultural factors influencing learning motivation of students admission to the University

Annotation: In this article the process of socialization of the young generation is examined in the new system of market relations, taking into account his adaptation in a sociocultural environment. Development of social motivation based on the increasing of pursuance of receiving higher education taking into account new market tendencies in social and educational sphere has special relevance.
Increasing of interest in the problems of students leads to accumulation of empiric and theoretical material about learning activity motivation, motivational preferences and system of values of the students, social status of the students of higher educational institutions, about attitude to higher education system and quality of teaching in higher educational institutions.

Theoretical and methodological problems of social diagnostics of resources management

Annotation: The article attempts to analyze the social diagnostics. The main objective of social diagnostics is to identify the content of the factors in the economic, psychological, demographic, legal and other spheres of public life. In the present paper attempts to analyze the social diagnosis. It analyzes the ambiguity of the conceptual content of the social diagnosis. The general characteristic of the algorithm in the social development of Kazakhstan's societ. The mechanism, which aims mainly at creating market relations among universities.

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