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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Review of indicators of transport infrastructure development in Pavlodar region

Annotation: The state of transport infrastructure depends on the economic, social stability and communicability of any connections within the country, so as with other countries. The state program for the development of the territories sets the indicators of direct and final results for the purposeful development of the transport infrastructure. The state of the transport infrastructure is assessed based on an analysis of the achievement of these indicators. The article considers approaches to the analysis of indicators of direct and final results of transport infrastructure under the program of territory development of Pavlodar region.

Author: A.N. Yertaeva

Review of methods of diagnosis of failures of electric motor

Annotation: In the article different methods of diagnosis of failures of electric equipment which are most often found in the industry today. The classification of methods for diagnosing motor failures is presented, and the advantages and disadvantages of existing methods for diagnosing failures in electric equipment are revealed. Based on the description of the methods of diagnosing electric equipment failures, a comparative table was compiled. Analyzing the comparative table of methods for diagnosing failures of electric equipment, the most current method for diagnosing the technical condition of the electric motor was determined.

Development of a new fermented dairy product with functional properties

Annotation: The article deals with the development of technologies for the preparation of fermented dairy products, which makes it possible to consider the scientific task of creating yoghurt products with the use of starter cultures as an actual one.

Author: A.N. Lukash

The basic directions of improvement of the functioning quality of electric networks of 6-110 kV

Annotation: The main directions of increasing the reliability and electrical safety of power distribution networks are considered in the article. The schemes of the main directions of development and improvement of electric grids are given.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

The current state and current issues of innovative development of water transport of Ukraine

Annotation: In the article, the problem-oriented analysis of the current state of water transport of Ukraine based on the current geopolitical situation was made. The author has made an attempt to identify and organize internal and external factors that influence the innovative development of water transport of the Ukraine, that increase the efficiency of its operation under current conditions.


The organization of activity of primary school students during mathematics with deformed assignments

Annotation: The article says that in today's changing world, education has become a priority, because one of the most important tasks of the modern school is the formation of young people's readiness for independent educational activity. Each teacher builds his own strategy for the successful organization of the work of students in the classroom. In order to raise the theoretical level of the material taught and armament by their methods of independent work on developing and acquiring knowledge instruments, the teacher can use deformed tasks when organizing activities in the classroom.

Characteristics of mental working ability of pupils of middle school in educational process of secondary school

Annotation: The study of the dynamics of productivity of middle school students in the general education school during the school week was conducted. It has been revealed that when the class schedule is created, the norms of the organization of the school day are sometimes not observed, which is reflected in the dynamics of the mental working ability of students in the educational process.

Graphite laminated materials strength properties and energy characteristics of polymer binders

Annotation: The approach which was proposed earlier for composite materials strength prediction using
contact angle measurements was applied for graphite laminated materials. It was shown that the calculation of
the work of adhesion to polar and non-polar model liquids can be applied to the choice of polymer binder.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Management Trends in reforming the higher education system

Annotation: This article discusses global trends in the development of the higher education system, including higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is also considered and the processes. Analyzed determines the transition to the post-industrial stage of development, which is based on an innovative direction.
As part of the innovation activities of the state is considered the intellectual capital as a strategic factor
determining the prospects of its development and competitiveness. All this implies the development of effective resource management measures.


Demographic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and their peculiarities

Annotation: The presented article examines the demographic processes taking place in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which characterize the demographic situation in Kazakhstan. And also the objectives and tasks of the state, the main of which is the management of demographic processes and development of the effective type of population reproduction are considered. The population policy covers a wide range of problems of reproductivity, the creation of the composition and structure of labor resources and their effective application. In a narrow sense, the demographic policy should be understood as the impact on the reproductivity by means of socio-economic activities that affect the demographic processes. The dramatically limited resources make it impossible to solve the government control problems of socio-demographic processes, employment, and unemployment in the required degree.

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