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Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

Quality control in construction

Annotation: In this article the questions of quality assurance in modern construction, quality control of construction
materials, methods of control testing of structures, and also the reasons of defects occurring during manufacture
of works.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Major elements of supply management at the enterprise

Annotation: The article is devoted to issues of supply, the basic directions and elements of the supply system providing the company's competitiveness are highlighted. The use of integrated logistic supply system is suggested as an effective solution to the problems of logistics .


The introduction of the process approach in management

Annotation: Analysis of use of information resources is directly connected with the formation and evaluation of system of indicators of organizational and structural capabilities, material and technical level of ensuring information activities, information capacity of personnel, the quality of information provision of administrative activity.


Social problems of migrants in Tyumen region: sociological dimension

Annotation: The article presents the results of a secondary analysis of research a public opinion about the social problems of migrants arriving in the region from countries of Central Asia, on the basis of a questionnaire survey of 1,200 respondents living in Tyumen region, as well as the experts' opinion. Statistical data that characterize the processes of arrival and departure of foreign citizens is viewed as well as crime rates of immigrants from abroad. The results of a public opinion poll allowed to make a conclusion that the situation in the sphere of labour migration is more favourable, than statistics surveys of public opinion against migrants in Russia as a whole.

The development of young basketball players tactical thinking: experience, problems, prospects

Annotation: The article describes the background and forms of tactical thinking development of professional basketball players. Authers pay attention at work process of tactical thinking based on sportsmen age.


The problem of child neglect

Annotation: The article describes the the legal, socio-psychological and psychological aspects of child neglect. The author described the complex of problems that contribute to the deformation of the young generation.

Investigation and diagnostics of the new type paddle-type mixer parameters

Annotation: In work characteristics of the mixing device of new type and principles of its work are given. The geometry of liquid, stream has been ivestigated arising in a tank when operating. Offers of rationalization character were brought.

Methods of household waste utilizing

Annotation: This article describes the methods of your household waste disposal and obtaining of plastics based on styrofoam dissolved in gasoline.

Methods for improved process of anaerobic fermentation

Annotation: The article describes intensification methods of the anaerobic digestion process, contributed to the enhancement of biogas installations productivity. Microbiological and constructive-technological methods of anaerobic digestion process intensification are analyzed, their advantages and disadvantages are pointed out.

Grid-systems and their potential for use

Annotation: This article contains synopsis of some aspects of the consteructionand operation of grid-systems, in order to give an idea of this technology. It also contains the list of existing projects, to demonstrate this technology potential

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