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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Urbanization impact on ethnical and cultural processes

Annotation: In the article the traditional social and cultural values under urbanization are discussed, the trends in the
development of ethno-cultural processes are characterized. On the basis of the sociological study the
conservation of traditional rituals is especially analyzed, ethno cultural orientation and knowledge level of
certain elements of national culture is identified. In our view, it is interesting to consider the transition of
anthroponomy and other proper names in the category of urbanoniums. It is the process of the reflecting the
historical, social, political and cultural transformation. It describes a certain historical period and helps to
follow up the history of the city. Also urbanonims base the main source of linguistic and regional geographic
research. So, some examples of urbanonims in Kazakh, Russian and English languages are given.

Author: N. Seitova

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 4

Formation of effective policy in the sphere of food security

Annotation: Problems of ensuring food security in modern conditions of economic management are considered in the article. To ensure food security in the region the strategy of state interests protection is necessary such as social stability, food needs satisfaction, independence from import, own food products production development, creation of reserve stocks to stabilize food supply.


Description of determinants and factors for shadow economy formation in the Customs Union countries

Annotation: In the article it is grounded that a shadow economy is an inalienable element of the economic system based on the market. Traditional and new determinans of shadow economy formation are distinguished in the Customs Union countries appeared due to the reforms of the last decade. The factors of shadow economy are determined; their modern classification is given.


Significancy of diaspores and their influence on socio-economic and political processes in the modern world

Annotation: In the presented article, diaspores formation, their significancy and influence on socio-economic, political processes as well as growing role and significancy of diaspores in the modern world are examined; their influence on national-territorial and state formation is considered.

Social issues of migrants in Tyumen region: sociological measuring

Annotation: In the article it is presented the results of the secondary analysis of public opinion research results on social issues of migrants from Central Asia countries based on a questionnaire survey of 1200 respondents living in Tyumen region as well as answers of experts. The statistical data are analysed characterizing the processes of arrival and departure of foreign citizens as well as crime level of immigrants from abroad. The results of public opinion allowed to make a conclusion that the situation in the sphere of labour migration is more favourable than statistics surveys of public opinion againstconcerning migrants in Russia as a whole.

Educational potential formation of future primary school teachers at pedagogical higher education institution

Annotation: The main condition for purposeful forming of students educational potential of speciality 5В010200 «Pedagogics and primary education methodology» is introduction of the special course «Development of educational potential of primary school teacher» into the curriculum. The conducted work is briefly described in the article on the level determination of educational potential components formation for future primary school and method of its forming.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

The syndrome of the eighth generation: Ulus Dzhuchi

Annotation: In this article the author examines the characteristics of nomadic Eurasian states. The authors believe
that any dynasty in nomadic state has a beginning and an end elevation. The beginning of the end of the dynasty,
is the eighth generation descendants.

Quality control in construction

Annotation: In this article the questions of quality assurance in modern construction, quality control of construction
materials, methods of control testing of structures, and also the reasons of defects occurring during manufacture
of works.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Major elements of supply management at the enterprise

Annotation: The article is devoted to issues of supply, the basic directions and elements of the supply system providing the company's competitiveness are highlighted. The use of integrated logistic supply system is suggested as an effective solution to the problems of logistics .


The introduction of the process approach in management

Annotation: Analysis of use of information resources is directly connected with the formation and evaluation of system of indicators of organizational and structural capabilities, material and technical level of ensuring information activities, information capacity of personnel, the quality of information provision of administrative activity.

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