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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Subject-object relations in the management of social work

Annotation: Theoretical questions of subjective-objective relations in social work are studied and some basic concepts which are connected with social work are explained in this article,also there are the analysis of such concepts as “help”, “social protection”, “social security”, “social service”, “charity”, “social policy”.

Psychological features of readiness for motherhood

Annotation: This article contains material about the peculiarities of psychological readiness for motherhood. The psychological readiness for motherhood as a specific personal education. We consider motherhood as a psychosocial phenomenon. Psychological factors are considered violations of motherhood.

The estimation of consumer properties of bee honey represented in the retail trade network

Annotation: This article views the research methods allowing by the organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators to estimate the honey naturality and approximately determine its origin due to the results of the analyses. The factors influencing the quality of the produced honey have been considered and the chemical
Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2015. №3 ISSN 1729-536X 167
composition of the useful components of honey has been studied. It is shown that Kazakhstani honey can be rather competitive at the world market and the main task is the increase the honey production without changing its quality.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Investment program of strategy implementation for agriculture development of Kachiry district up to 2020

Annotation: The main priorities of strategy for agriculture development as well as investment into agrarian and
industrial complex of the district are considered in the article; their necessity analysis for the branch
development is carried out. The major factors which influence on increasing the investment policy efficiency for
agriculture and agro-industrial complex development of the district are revealed.


Current issues of psychological readiness for maternity

Annotation: This article contains material on some issues of psychological readiness for maternity. The article
highlights the main factors that determine the psychological readiness for maternity, need-motivational
readiness for maternity, value-sense readiness for maternity.

Antimicrobial effects of natural honey

Annotation: This article is written in line with the important questions on antimicrobial effects of natural honey
against gram-positive bacteria to reveal the therapeutic properties. These circumstances demonstrate the
medical and social significance of solving the science-oriented task of developing high-quality pharmaceutical
product on the basis of honey as well as its application not only as a preventive and medicinal agent to treat
many illnesses but also as in beauty treatment.

Psycholinguistic experiment as a mean to define communicative adaptation of foreigners in Kazakhstan

Annotation: Detection of communicative adaptation of foreigners in Kazakhstan using associative
experiment of psycholinguistic experiment is disclosed in this article. The run of experiment is descripted in
details. It includes preparatory stage, making the experiment and post-experiment data processing. Conclusion
about the degree of every respondent’s adaptability in Kazakhstan is given in the end of the article.


Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 4

Significancy of diaspores and their influence on socio-economic and political processes in the modern world

Annotation: In the presented article, diaspores formation, their significancy and influence on socio-economic, political processes as well as growing role and significancy of diaspores in the modern world are examined; their influence on national-territorial and state formation is considered.

Rigidity as a part of internet addiction

Annotation: The article is devoted to theoretical aspects of the internet addiction as well as impact analysis of internet addiction on college students and study of rigidity. The variety of Internet addiction is studied in the article as well as the main features of its occurrence are highlighted. A study was conducted to identify internet addiction of students as well as the system presented recommendations for addiction prevention.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

The author’s image in the publicistic text

Annotation: In this article categories of the author’s image in the modern publicistic text on a material of the regional
press are considered in which various methods of author\'s self-expression are described. The special attention is paid on the main and facultative mechanisms of creation of author\'s \"I\" formation in the publicistic text.

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