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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Conceptual bases of system management of marketing of industrial enterprises the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: This article discusses the theoretical aspects of management foundations of marketing system of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As marketing planning is very important for industrial companies. Industrial and consumer market generally, supply exceeds demand, and therefore there is a struggle for every specific customer. With the growth in sales volumes, number of customers and markets from sellers there is a need to study their customers - who they are, their needs, buying behavior, motivation. Each seller tries by examining the consumer, to create a standard model (the rules of conduct of the seller), contributing to the sales.

Author: T.K.Kabiev

Highways - as an element of transport-communication complex Republics of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The questions of development of highways of Republic of Kazakhstan are considered in this article. The analysis of modern development of highways status is conducted. Including influence of development of highways on the economy of region. The ways of perfection of development of highways offer


Pedagogical activity during the period of adaptation to the middle level of secondary school

Annotation: This article views the issues of adaption of the 5-th grade schoolboy to the middle level of a secondary school. The opportunities of creative attitude to the organizing the transition period schoolboy are considered. The reasons of the problems of the adaptation schoolboy are revealed.

On the issue of the strategic approach to family counseling

Annotation: This article describes the concept and the role of a strategic approach to family counseling. Currently, the strategic approach to family counseling is the most common type of psychotherapy in the family. The article compares the strategic approach to the systemic and structural approach to family counseling. This method of family therapy focused on problem solving and psychotherapists this area do not focus on personal features of family members, are not intended to achieve the client or family insight.

Formatting of school's motivation for children in Primary school

Annotation: The article examines how a motivation of primary school children through certain activities. These types of authors reflect consistently implemented educator blocks: emotional, motivational and cognitive-target. The article also suggested exercises and tasks allows to generate, according to the authors, the motivation of the children in primary schools.

Theoretical aspects of the social and psychological health

Annotation: The paper presents a description of the nature and content of the social psychological health of the family and its main indicators, the basic laws of the development of social psychological health of the family. On the basis of the psychological analysis of the conditions of life and well-being in the basic functions of life are revealed properties, levels of social psychological health of the family. In the above method of diagnosing mental health of the family sets out the scope, procedure diagnostic approaches to the study of her condition, are considered diagnostic problems obtaining psychological information about the family, the practical application of methods of diagnosis of mental health of the family, as well as data processing and interpretation, the formation of the diagnosis and recommendations.

The rоle оf music аnd sоngs in English leаrning оn the different stаges оf аdulthооd

Annotation: The reseаrch views the meаning оf music аnd sоngs in English leаrning, cоncepts оf slаng аnd it’s аpplicаtiоn. The using оf music аnd leаrning оf sоngs increаse the mоtivаtiоn in English leаrning. Schоlаrs hаve leаrned thаt musicаl eаr, аttentiоn cоnnects with the develоpment оf аrticulаtive аppаrаtus. Leаrning аnd singing shоrt sоngs helps tо remember аrticulаtiоn, stress, prоnunciаtiоn оf sоunds аnd wоrds. Аccоrding tо lаst invаsiоn which hоld in vаriоus cоuntries, children аnd teenаgers mаster fоreign lаnguаges better. Using music аnd leаrning slаng thrоugh sоngs unite persоn аnd English culture. Аnd it is аn impоrtаnt fаctоr оf increаsing interest tо lаnguаge leаrning оn the different stаges оf аdulthооd.

The new milk product from mare's milk

Annotation: This article discusses the relevance of expanding the range of dairy and dairy products and beverages based on mare's milk at the Republic of Kazakhstan. We consider the application of mare's milk (traditional use, cosmetics, health food). This article discusses the methods of storage mare's milk and using mare's milk for feeding infants. The article describes a new product based on mare's milk and the results of research.

The lingvo culturological of features of a teomorphic metaphor of peri

Annotation: In this article some opinion on the relation the lingvo culturological of features of a teomorphic metaphor, considered as a fundamental metaphor is stated. On a row with it, on the example of classical poetry of Alisher Navoi, Babur, is described the semantic nature of this metaphor.


Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Investment program of strategy implementation for agriculture development of Kachiry district up to 2020

Annotation: The main priorities of strategy for agriculture development as well as investment into agrarian and
industrial complex of the district are considered in the article; their necessity analysis for the branch
development is carried out. The major factors which influence on increasing the investment policy efficiency for
agriculture and agro-industrial complex development of the district are revealed.

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