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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 2

Influence of the gender aspect on the professional burnout syndrome of university teachers

Annotation: The paper considers various approaches to determining the criteria for professional burnout, as well as the specificity of the effect of sex on this process. The article presents the results and confirms the hypothesis that the burnout syndrome manifests itself depending on gender and age.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Methods of protection of civil rights under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this study, ways of protecting civil rights and their classification were examined. The author also studied the main problems of legislative consolidation of ways to protect civil rights.


Innovations management in Kazakhstan's telecom industry

Annotation: Innovations in the contemporary economic system act as one of the key factor that affects on improvement of organization's activity efficiency. Formation of innovative strategies for improvement of organizations' activity efficiency and realization of innovative projects are considered in this article.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Organizations strategic management in telecommunications

Annotation: Strategic purpose and objectives of organization and companies development in a competitive environment are considered in this article. Author defines the notion "strategic management". Furthermore, theoretical bases of construction of organization's strategic management are presented. All this creates real bases for achievement of desirable or predictable future status of the company.


Research of one numerical series

Annotation: In the paper, we consider some fractional and irrational expressions, and prove the assertion that leads them to fractional and rational expressions, and also consider one general lower and upper bound (two-sided estimate) for a one numerical series. In obtaining some congruencies, we used the formula for binomial coefficients, then from the sum of the left side we cancel each other, and the summons with even numbers, where everywhere in an even degree in an uneven degree are doubled even after multiplier was put outside, all the summons remain free from the square root. Several variants of proofs are considered in the solution of certain problems and theorems.

Adaptation of children in a team with a low social status

Annotation: This article presents an analysis of psychological and educational literature on the adaptation of adolescents in general education schools for children with low social status. The author attached special importance to the work of school staff members, on the part of the state and private foundations, which help children and families with a low social status in Kazakhstan.

Evaluation of biological science component of the functional literacy of secondary school students

Annotation: The article presents the results of a study of the functional literacy of students in biology of grades 9th. The methodology for assessing the functional literacy of 15-year-old students of the international PISA program is used. Approbation was conducted with the test tasks of different level of complexity for an assessment of natural-science functional literacy. The results of the research showed that in the process of preparing students for the exam it is necessary to conduct systematic work directly with the test tasks and at the same time to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills of the basic level.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Characteristics of mental working ability of pupils of middle school in educational process of secondary school

Annotation: The study of the dynamics of productivity of middle school students in the general education school during the school week was conducted. It has been revealed that when the class schedule is created, the norms of the organization of the school day are sometimes not observed, which is reflected in the dynamics of the mental working ability of students in the educational process.

The components of professional competence of teachers of biology

Annotation: The article is devoted to investigation of the structure of teachers’ professional competence. Taking into a ccount that competence is based on the relation of interdependent motivations, values, theoretical knowledge, practical skills, the integral characteristics, capacity for reflection, professional and personal qualities, was suggested to identify motivational-evaluative cognitive-practical and self-cognitive-practical and self-reflective components in the structure of the professional competence of teachers of biology

Formation of communicative skills in preschool children aged 5–6 years in a kindergarden

Annotation: This article examines the features of formation process of communication skills of children aged 5–6 years in kindergarden. The author notes that, during the formation of communicative skills of 5–6 year old childrenthere appears a need for situational and practical cooperation with peers. The content of the communication becomes activities that are made together, there is also a need to be admitted and respected by their peers. Widening the circle of peers requires the child to master all of communication tools, the main of which is speech. The child's activity also requires the fast development of speech and makes the speech more diverse and complicated. The development of speech is done in several ways: improving its practical use in communicating with other people and at the same time it becomes the basis for the restructuring of mental processes, an instrument of thought. Also, the ability to communicate is formed in vivo and is the result of social experience.

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