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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Investment program of strategy implementation for agriculture development of Kachiry district up to 2020

Annotation: The main priorities of strategy for agriculture development as well as investment into agrarian and
industrial complex of the district are considered in the article; their necessity analysis for the branch
development is carried out. The major factors which influence on increasing the investment policy efficiency for
agriculture and agro-industrial complex development of the district are revealed.


Pedagogical conditions of personality-oriented technology training use in proffesional education

Annotation: Pedagogical conditions to use a learner-centered learning technology in the vocational education of
students based on the work experience of the Agrotechnical University in training future specialists of different
educational systems are considered in the article. The organization of students’ learning activity based on
learner-centered learning technology application has a significant influence on students’ personality
development in the vocational education of students. The analysis of famous scientists’ concepts in this field as
well as the analysis of traditional and modern paradigms in education is presented in the article. These
directions make a contribution to determination of positive pedagogical conditions for a learner-centered
learning technology.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 4

Rigidity as a part of internet addiction

Annotation: The article is devoted to theoretical aspects of the internet addiction as well as impact analysis of internet addiction on college students and study of rigidity. The variety of Internet addiction is studied in the article as well as the main features of its occurrence are highlighted. A study was conducted to identify internet addiction of students as well as the system presented recommendations for addiction prevention.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

Design strategies for creating a conflict of conduct at the enterprise

Annotation: The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis M. Doychu species conflicts, conflict structure,
developmental stages of the conflict, is also considered rigidity and its ability to influence various spheres
of human activity. An analysis of the theoretical material concluded that the performance of the enterprise is
important to good social and psychological climate and psychological safety of all participants in the activities
of the enterprise.

The reasons of origins of deviant behavior in the teenage by examples of technical and professional education

Annotation: The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of the causes of deviant behavior in the formation and
development of the individual student teenager in technical and vocational education, the authors offer
recommendations for college’s psychologists. In this paper we study the causes of deviant behavior among
adolescents identified the following socio -psychological factors stabilizing behavior: the role of the family,
spiritual and moral traditions, the internal psychological state of a teenager, his attitude toward the world.

The problem of choice way creation WEB-site

Annotation: In article made attempt to divide sites on groups in dependence from delivered problem. Proceeding from
picked appearance site, circumscribed the ways of his creation. Considered the utilization of special systems
management content, which independent generates programmable codes, not demands special knowledges and
essential reduce the time of elaboration site

Specific of technology production of curd product of the functional setting

Annotation: This article presents the results of research of technology of curd product that is accessible to any
enterprise and not requiring from the producer of additional expenses on his mastering are expounded in this
article, and also possessing a biological and food value due to the use of vitamins, macro and microelements,
bioactive and pectin substances.

Artistic picture of the world as process of authorial design of objective reality

Annotation: This article examines the theoretical aspects of the artistic picture of the world as process of authorial
design of objective reality.


Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Peculiarities of civil disputes about foreclose on hypothecary real estate

Annotation: The article consideres features of civil disputes with the banks about foreclose on hypothecary real estate. judicial practice on this category of cases.

New features of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Annotation: In the article the authors examine the main features, types, especially operating systems, their main objectives, main functions, rules and content requirements, aesthetic requirements, the main characteristic of components and elements are considered.

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