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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

The nature of patriotic education

Annotation: The work deals with such terms as patriotism, patriot, patriotic education. The main directions of patriotic education in the education system are described. The issue of the upbringing of patriotism, responsibility, citizenship for one's country is one of the main tasks in the education system at the moment, therefore, in this article the basic concepts, components, tasks of patriotic education are examined.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Communicative competence of preschool-age children as a psychological and pedagogical problem

Annotation: Development of a communicative competence of a child is a crucial task of educational process of preschool institution. The article describes the problem of communicative competence of preschool children. At the preschool age, the main task of the teacher is to educate an all-around intellectually developed and communicatively competent person.

Differentiate test control at primary school

Annotation: Education is one of the priority directions in the development of our state. It is impossible to talk about modernization of education without monitoring its quality. The article considers a differentiated approach to learning, the conditions under which this approach can be applied. Two main criteria of the differentiated approach are singled out: level of training and learning ability. The article gives recommendations on the phased implementation of differentiation. Positive and negative parties of different types of control of education quality are also presented. Most objective is the differentiated test control. The article reveals its characteristics, the possibilities of using it in lessons in primary school.

The organization of activity of primary school students during mathematics with deformed assignments

Annotation: The article says that in today's changing world, education has become a priority, because one of the most important tasks of the modern school is the formation of young people's readiness for independent educational activity. Each teacher builds his own strategy for the successful organization of the work of students in the classroom. In order to raise the theoretical level of the material taught and armament by their methods of independent work on developing and acquiring knowledge instruments, the teacher can use deformed tasks when organizing activities in the classroom.

Application of the "Step by Step" technology in the teaching of younger schoolchildren as a means of improving the quality of education

Annotation: The renewal of the paradigm of 12-year education is associated with the formation of key competencies in students that help to learn, understand and develop the world around. The developed set of tasks is designed to develop the need to transform educational material with the aim of improving the quality of education. This material is compiled in accordance with the age characteristics of primary school students, is aimed at organizing the processes of mastering new ways of acting, which will contribute to the formation of educational and cognitive activities. The issues discussed in the article will allow us to implement a competence approach in the education of students. The tasks presented in the article are intended to activate the educational motivation, the organization of independent cognitive activity, contribute to the systematization and objectification of the processes of monitoring and evaluation of educational activities.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Lexical and stylistic means of identification the position of the author in the stories of I.S. Turgenev

Annotation: Each facet of an artistic text as an object of linguistic research reflects the role of the author –a linguistic, creative personality - creator, transformer, aesthetically transforming means of language, which it uses as a subtle instrument in expressing its views and assessments. The material of the article shows that stylistic information can be transmitted using stylistically marked lexical units, and also with the help of stylistically unmarked (neutral) lexical units, which, as a result of stylistic actualization in a communicative context, acquire emotional satiation, which leads to the creation of a stylistic effect In accordance with the intention of the author.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Model of formation of future teachers’ patriotic culture

Annotation: In this article essential pedagogical conditions for formation of patriotic culture of future teachers are considered. The regularities and principles of the model are revealed. Designed model allows representing the process of formation PCFT as a dynamic system with reasonable and open internal structure which reflects the unity of its components.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

The organizing of the curriculum at the Oktyabrsk secondary school with due regard for the variation components

Annotation: The building contain, contain is one of the basic meaning of the development of the person and the forming of his basic culture. The authors searched the incompatibility between the definite aims of the building and the curriculum and between the curriculum and the pupil’s book. In this article the working curriculum at the Oktyabrsk secondary school with due regard for the variation components and with due regard of the pupils’ age feature and the material and technical basis are considered. There is also the explaining of the curriculum organizing in this article. During the selection of the contain of the variation components the common didactics criterions which are formulate by Y.K. Babanskiy are suggested like the base.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 4

Educational potential formation of future primary school teachers at pedagogical higher education institution

Annotation: The main condition for purposeful forming of students educational potential of speciality 5В010200 «Pedagogics and primary education methodology» is introduction of the special course «Development of educational potential of primary school teacher» into the curriculum. The conducted work is briefly described in the article on the level determination of educational potential components formation for future primary school and method of its forming.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

Economic development of the Pavlodar area. Specific and tendencies

Annotation: The methodological approach based on comparison of these statistical regions of Republic of Kazakhstan
is considered in this article. The comparative analysis of basic indexes of socio-economic development of the
Pavlodar area is Given.

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