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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Challenges and ways to increase the competitiveness of the chemical industry

Annotation: The chemical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the young branches – it includes the production of various products from the hydrocarbon of mineral and other raw materials, through its chemical processing. The chemical industry is an indicator of our era; it shows how the economy of the country has been updated and the level of utilization of scientific and technological progress. The government of Kazakhstan pays much attention to the development of the country's chemical complex. Accelerated development of it will allow to fully satisfy the need of the economy in high-quality chemical materials and products from them, expand the scope of chemicalization and improve the competitiveness of Kazakhstani goods at the foreign market.


Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

The estimation of consumer properties of bee honey represented in the retail trade network

Annotation: This article views the research methods allowing by the organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators to estimate the honey naturality and approximately determine its origin due to the results of the analyses. The factors influencing the quality of the produced honey have been considered and the chemical
Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2015. №3 ISSN 1729-536X 167
composition of the useful components of honey has been studied. It is shown that Kazakhstani honey can be rather competitive at the world market and the main task is the increase the honey production without changing its quality.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

«Green» economy concept aspects in the petrochemical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this article it is considered a compliance assessment of developing industrial sectors of the country to
the principles of «green» economy based on the example of the petrochemical complex of the Republic of
Kazakhstan. Relevance of the research is caused by the need to build «green» low-carbon economy. The
implementation of «green» economy concept will be a strong incentive for technological renovation for the
numbers of industries. The directions of the «green» economy in the petrochemical industry of the Republic of
Kazakhstan have been determined, as well as an analysis of international experience to implement the principles
of «green» economy in the petrochemical industry has been carried out.


Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

The practice of Kazakhstan export-oriented companies in accordance REACH

Annotation: This article discusses the possibility and practice of Kazakhstani enterprises producing chemical
products and raw materials, which are oriented to export regulations REACH, adopted by the European Union
that will greatly increase the safety and competitiveness of domestic production.

Security problems of chemical industry

Annotation: This article discusses some of the problems of chemical safety, such as the recycling of waste production,
chemical accidents and disasters, environmental pollution and the negative effect of the chemical industry on
human health, as well as methods for safer handling of chemical products.

The use of digister is in the production of new type of sausage good

Annotation: In this article describes a new kind of technology development sausage using natural supplements.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Modeling of chemical technology tasks

Annotation: This article considers mathematical methods of solving problems of chemical technology
described by differential equations. Solution of practical problems is obtained by analytical and numerical