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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

On the issue of improving the quality management system for the development of normative and technical documentation

Annotation: The article analyzes the system of development, design, storage and operation of normative and technical
documentation in regional university. Measures are proposed to improve the quality control of normative and
technical documentation, including a project to improve the quality control of technical documentation.


Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 1

The role and problems of implementing a quality management system

Annotation: Introduction of the quality management system is an important step for any production. Not only has the
competitiveness of enterprise but also further successful development depends on the result of introduction of the
quality management system and its proper functioning. Due to a quality management it is possible to obtain not
only the improvement of structure of organization but also processes and their results quality. The aim of the
article is to study the role of the quality management system in steady development of enterprise and problem of
introduction of the quality management system in our country.


Introduction of a quality and safety management system for dairy products based on international standards

Annotation: The article is devoted to the current problem of quality control and safety of dairy products. The article
provides a generalized description of the system models, discusses the main problems and advantages in
implementing the quality control system in small and medium-sized dairy enterprises.

Development of a quality control system based on the principles of HACCP for the production of sour cream at a diary factory

Annotation: The article is devoted to risk analysis, methods of ensuring dairy products safety. Furthermore, the
author dwells on such tool of quality control as a decision tree. The article presents the plan of HACCP for
a diary enterprise on an example of the production a sour cream with 15-20 % of fat content.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Management of the healthcare organizations in the current conditions: problems and prospects of development

Annotation: The issues of formation of scientific and methodological bases for improving healthcare organizations activity are considered, healthcare system in current market conditions are studied in this article. Such issues as competition between healthcare institutions providing medical services are also studied in this work. Main, crucial functions of control over management and marketing in healthcare institution are considered. Basic tools for improving efficiency of production capacity and financial resources of healthcare institution are suggested.

Author: A.М. Kuzekov

Development and research of the control of knowledge of mathematics model by computer-based testing

Annotation: In this article the study of knowledge control patterns in math class with the help of computer-based testing. Displaying several models of construction of test tasks . Highlight the advantages of computer-based testing. The theoretical foundations of mathematical modeling.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Problems at assessment of auditor risk and ways of decision

Annotation: The paper presents essence, types of auditor risk, interrelation of its components. The article
considers the reasons of risks presence and solution of the risks found by the auditor while testing computer
information systems.


Using new generation e-books in high school educational process, including faculty of teachers’ development

Annotation: The article describes that the effective management of the learning process new textbooks
using need to create a model of teacher action. The created model explicitly takes into account the objectives,
methods, learning outcomes. With its help solve the problem of the knowledge of the student. And the problem of managing the cognitive activity is settled.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 3

Test gauges as a means of assessing learning achievements of students

Annotation: The main purpose of the new test materials: tests, test items is an objective assessment of the level of
mastery of knowledge , skills and abilities , relevant state general education standards in mathematics and the
ability to apply them in real life ( in extracurricular life situations ). The article deals with technology making
control gauges in mathematics at the secondary school, is an example of the development of such a meter

Security problems of chemical industry

Annotation: This article discusses some of the problems of chemical safety, such as the recycling of waste production,
chemical accidents and disasters, environmental pollution and the negative effect of the chemical industry on
human health, as well as methods for safer handling of chemical products.

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