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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

The importance of diasporas and their influence on socio-economic and political processes in the modern world

Annotation: In the present article forming of diasporas, their importance and influence on socioeconomic,
political processes, and also growing role and importance of diasporas in the modern world,
influence of them on national-territorial and state entities is considered.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Necessity and role of network structures in enhancing socio-economic security of business in the region

Annotation: In this article, author considers the issues of socio-economic security of business structures in the context of the formation of network connections and the quality of the region's economic space. According to the results of the study, author's interpretation of the concept of "social and economic security of business" is given. As an economic space, author explores the region, namely the Pavlodar region, which has a high socio-economic potential. The advantages of creating network structures, both for the region and for business, are identified. The algorithm for creating a business network consisting of six stages is presented.


Socio-economic development of Bayanaul region: analysis of the state and development trends

Annotation: The article focuses on the key issues of the socio-economic development and formulates the problems hindering its development on the base of materials of Bayanaul region.


Joint discussion, construction and use of the economic corridor "China-Mongolia-Russia"

Annotation: At the moment, all three states have already reached mutual understanding on the issue of specific planning in the framework of the creation of the economic corridor "China-Mongolia-Russia". If we consider this project from the point of view of existing prerequisites, development opportunities, favorable conditions and friendly relations between three states, it becomes obvious that at the present moment there is a favorable time, geographical advantages of the area, harmony in human society for the development. In the process of creating an economic corridor, all three states adhere to the principles of "joint discussion", "joint construction" and "joint use", overcome limitations, promote mutual benefit and unified development.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Migration processes and their impact on social and economic development of region

Annotation: In this article, the migration processes and their influence on socio-economic development of the
Pavlodar region are considered. The concept of migrations, factors and types of migration are highlighted.. The
demographic cases in the region are studied for research of migration processes and their influence on socialand-
economic development of the Pavlodar region. Impact of migration on social-and-economic development of
the country can be both positive and negative. The account of these factors is important for adjusting of
migration processes and optimal policymaking in this sphere.

Author: Zh. Akhmetov

Issues of forming of development politics of rural areas (a case of study of Sherbakty district of the Pavlodar region)

Annotation: In this article, social-and-economic position of Sherbakty district of the Pavlodar region is considered.
Dominant industry of economy of district is agriculture. Data are presented on the amount of operating private business entities. Complex description of socio-economic results of development of region is reflected in SWOTanalysis, strengths and weaknesses of development of district, threat and possibility are considered. The assessment of tourist cluster is highlighted for development of district and a necessity is certain for development of the strategic program of development rural territories.

Author: B.Zh. Ibraev

Quality of life of rural population as factor of achievement of ultimate goal of economic transformations

Annotation: In this article, quality of life as priority and one of directions of social-and-economic development of the
state are considered. The quality of life of rural population and his social security, state of economy of
agroindustrial complex and development of rural territories are distinguished in article. The issues of rural
territories are considered, as exemplified by rural district. In the Republic of Kazakhstan there are all terms that is needed for development of agriculture. For the height of quality of life of rural population are needed
substantial adjustments of public agrarian policy and also increase of social responsibility of the state and


Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Interaction between the government and local authorities in addressing socio-economic issues (foreign experience)

Annotation: This article describes the experience of interaction between government and local authorities in foreign countries, factors and conditions necessary for the effective social and economic development, as well as a discusses the impact of local government on social and economic development. A comparative analysis of the Pavlodar region.

Author: A. Denden

Organizational-economic aspects of innovative development company Pavlodar region

Annotation: The article describes the results of an analytical assessment of innovative potential of Pavlodar region. Now in terms of the investment attractiveness of the country, it becomes an important task of forming a competitive domestic reserves of socio-economic development of the region, the solution of which requires the development of innovative management solutions. Innovations embodied in the new scientific knowledge, products, technologies, services, equipment, training of personnel, organization of production, is a major competitive factor in all economically developed countries. In the face of fierce competition inherent in a market economy, the innovative development of enterprises has become a key tool for ensuring sustainable long-term development

Author: A.N. Maksutov

Experience in the use of rating indicators of the region in the national economy of KR (on the example of the Pavlodar region)

Annotation: In the given article there presented the ranking score of the regions of the republic based on the main socio-economic indicators. Besides, there made a ranking on a ratio basis of the regions in the gross regional product of the country. The comparative analysis of the rating positions let us determine the causes reducing the growth of competitiveness of the region.

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