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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Improvement of crises’ diagnostics at the enterprise

Annotation: This article presents the set of forms and methods to realize anti-crisis measures in relation to the certain enterprise. We have studied the procedure of diagnostics of crisis situations and condition of the enterprise’s bankruptcy, and we have also revealed the features of anti-recession management while carrying out the assessment of reliability and promotion of hypotheses of regularities and the enterprise’s possible unstable financial and economic state.

Author: E.G. Titova

Psychological aspects of developing leader flairs on the example of research of students of technical institution of higher learning

Annotation: The review of the main theories of leadership is provided in this article, basic provisions of leadership, development of leader abilities of students of a higher educational institution are revealed. The characteristic of the leader of students' group is given. The problem of leadership and the management is presented as a problem of integration of group activity. It is claimed that leadership represents skill which can be developed among students. In the article the conclusion about need of purposeful systematic psychology and pedagogical work for higher education institutions for creation conditions for students in formation of leadership skills in future experts is drawn. Results of research of leader abilities of students are the cornerstone of conclusions, ways, possibilities of development and formation of leader abilities by training and self-training are offered.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Influence of the informal relations on management of the enterprises’ and organizations’ activity

Annotation: In the paper it is considered the problem of emergence of the informal relations, their
influence on management of the enterprises’ and the organizations’ activity, and also emergence of informal
practices which reflect a modern socio-political and socio-economic situation of a transition period.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

Development of traing web portal for web-sites creation

Annotation: In the article the analysis of the author’s educational information system for web-sites creation is
presented. This system contains the electronic course acquainting the user with bases of web programming and
popular Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, OpenCart. Use of turnkey system for
development of web-sites reduces financial and time expenditure for its crestion because the most part of
necessary functions is already done by CMS.

Author: D.E. Tsapenko

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

The introduction of the process approach in management

Annotation: Analysis of use of information resources is directly connected with the formation and evaluation of system of indicators of organizational and structural capabilities, material and technical level of ensuring information activities, information capacity of personnel, the quality of information provision of administrative activity.


The role of risk maps in management of the company

Annotation: Risk map as a tool of the effective management of the company, the goal of a risk map, methods, quantitative evaluation and modeling of risk maps for the successful activity of organization are viewed in this article.


Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

Stability of corporation within the framework

Annotation: In this work the detailed analysis of the program risk–management at level of raw corporation is carried out. Data on a condition of the market are provided.


To the question of the concept’s content of «crisis at the enterprise»

Annotation: In article the origin of the concept «crisis» which it isn’t always presented as danger but also and as opportunity is considered. More modern definitions of crisis – «the moment demanding decision-making», a turning point in sequence of processes of events and actions. For a crisis situation two options of an exit from it are typical, or it is liquidation of the enterprise as an extreme form, or successful overcoming of crisis.

Author: E.Titova

Features of management of credit risk in commercial bank

Annotation: In given article the essence and necessity of management of credit risk is considered. Also the detailed classification and structure of credit risk is given.

Author: A. Toktabaeva