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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Organizations strategic management in telecommunications

Annotation: Strategic purpose and objectives of organization and companies development in a competitive environment are considered in this article. Author defines the notion "strategic management". Furthermore, theoretical bases of construction of organization's strategic management are presented. All this creates real bases for achievement of desirable or predictable future status of the company.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Management of the healthcare organizations in the current conditions: problems and prospects of development

Annotation: The issues of formation of scientific and methodological bases for improving healthcare organizations activity are considered, healthcare system in current market conditions are studied in this article. Such issues as competition between healthcare institutions providing medical services are also studied in this work. Main, crucial functions of control over management and marketing in healthcare institution are considered. Basic tools for improving efficiency of production capacity and financial resources of healthcare institution are suggested.

Author: A.М. Kuzekov

Body heating automatic control system №1 Innovative University of Eurasia

Annotation: The paper presents the thermal design of the building heating system of a four educational building № 1 Eurasian innovative university.Data are presented for the period from 1 December to 28 February for three seasons: 2013–2014, 2014–2015, 2015–2016 years. On the basis of the actual thermal design graphics and design of heat were built in the period from 1.12. at 28.02 for three seasons (2013-2014,2014-2015, 2015-2016 years). In these graphs clearly visible difference between the two values. According to calculation, the average difference was 13.02 % of the actual heat consumption.

Author: N.D. Khomarov

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Investment program of strategy implementation for agriculture development of Kachiry district up to 2020

Annotation: The main priorities of strategy for agriculture development as well as investment into agrarian and
industrial complex of the district are considered in the article; their necessity analysis for the branch
development is carried out. The major factors which influence on increasing the investment policy efficiency for
agriculture and agro-industrial complex development of the district are revealed.


The analysis of influence of various parameters on heat conduction of a number of heat-insulating materials

Annotation: The results of the analysis of influence of some main process factors on heat conduction of
heat-insulating materials are given in this article. As major factors were considered: density, temperature,
humidity. Researchers are conducted on the basis of the theory of planning of experiment. The got dependences
of heat conductivity on a closeness and temperature of material show approximately equal influence of these
factors on the exit of experiment

Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

А map of individual development of pupil иниернатного is establishments as method of social adaptation of children-orphans and children, remaining without care of parents

Annotation: In this article the features of forming of social adaptation are examined for the pupils of schools-boarding-schools for children-orphans and children, remaining without the care of parents. Basic tasks and stages of social adaptation open up in the article, the ways of their realization are offered by drafting of the program of social adaptation in school-boarding-school.