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Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

Тhe main objectives and criteria for socio-economic development of the region

Annotation: In this work the purposes and criteria of social and economic development of the region are studied. In work long-term and short-term objectives and criteria of economic development of the country corresponding to them are allocated.


Сlaster development as a tool to increase the competitiveness of the regions of the republic of kazakhstan

Annotation: This article dials with the concept «cluster” the advantages of the cluster approach as wellas the formation of cluster development in Kazakhstan have been discussed.

Author: S. Kaidarova

Problems of development of enterpreneurship in the republic of Кazakhstan

Annotation: This article contains analysis of the current situation in the development of entrepreneurship, defined its main problems, as well as ways to solve these problems.


Improvement of the institutional regularitites of address social help for families with children

Annotation: The article is devoted to the changes in the normative legal base to optimize benefit system. On the basis of social assistance system research there revealed the reduction of recipients and children contingent growth in getting governmental social selective assistance, resulted from the growth of population income level and accumulation of deviation between the real subsistence level and statistically calculated for SASA payments.

Social protection of lower-income strata in Кazakhstan and the way of its improvement

Annotation: In this article described the social policy, given its characteristics, the analysis of social support of the state, and presents the main problems and the ways of improvement of the social support of socially vulnerable layers of the population.

Author: G.E Nurbayeva

А map of individual development of pupil иниернатного is establishments as method of social adaptation of children-orphans and children, remaining without care of parents

Annotation: In this article the features of forming of social adaptation are examined for the pupils of schools-boarding-schools for children-orphans and children, remaining without the care of parents. Basic tasks and stages of social adaptation open up in the article, the ways of their realization are offered by drafting of the program of social adaptation in school-boarding-school.

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