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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

Ways of global interpersonal communication in the XXI century

Annotation: The present article deals with the multivariate methods of interpersonal communication in the context of
the global informatization of society through the means of Internet communication. Also, the article notes the
associated processes of social and cultural changes in society, the trend towards the diffusion of values, the
commercialization of all links of mass information transmitted via the Internet.


Some aspects of the problem of preparing high school students for family Life

Annotation: In the article some aspects of preparation of high school students for family life are considered. At
present, the issues of understanding the family of those entering into marriage become urgent for the society,
which is connected with the life activity of the family. The stability of society depends on the priority and state of
the institution of the family and its internal links.

Formation of value orientations of youth

Annotation: The article describes the content and nature of changes in the value representations of young
people in modern Kazakhstan society with its inherent difficulties and contradictions. Changes occurring in our
society, and primarily in the economic, socio-political, spiritual spheres, affect the value orientations of young

The structure of the crime as the legal basis for qualification of crimes

Annotation: The law is applied correctly and in full on the basis of generalization of the criminal offense, its sign
leads to the proper qualification of crimes, thuscrimes important and right, from the side of the law, it is
precisely the concept of socially dangerous social action that is provided by the choosing the symbols.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 2

Problems and opportunities of the region's health sector (the Pavlodar region)

Annotation: The article analyzes the problems in the healthcare sector both in the Pavlodar region and in Kazakhstan as a whole. The negative phenomena that lead to a decrease in the availability of medical care, the effectiveness of using the resources of the health care system have been identified.


Foreign information competence as one of the key competences in the modern information society

Annotation: The article reveals the essence of information competence as a key factor for successful adaptation and self-realization of students in a dynamically developing information society.


Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Peculiarities of the formation and implementation of the youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this article the features of formation of youth policy in Kazakhstan in modern conditions are considered. Priority directions of realization of youth policy, as well as an interrelation of young generation with modern Kazakhstan society are studied.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Non-governmental organizations as an institution of civil society

Annotation: The development of nongovernmental sector of Kazakhstan at the present stage is one of the basic criteria of a functioning civil society, promote the country on the path of sustainable democratic development, building a secular, legal and social state. In this article the basic tasks of non-governmental organizations in the development of civil society. Considered the stages of formation and development of nongovernmental sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Noted the basic positions of the President in relation to civil society and non-governmental organizations.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Forming of evaluative bearings of growing up generation

Annotation: The article has an attempt of figuring out content and character of evaluative notion changes of growing up generation in a new Kazakh society including nowadays difficulties and contradictions. All changes, taking place in our society, first of all economic, sociopolitical, psychical spheres, has influence on evaluative bearings of growing up generation. The authors of the study made a survey among the Kazakh youth, the purpose of which was to identify the value orientations of growing up generation of 14-17 years old.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Interethnic marriages as a factor of social stability

Annotation: The article consideres family as a social community, family relationships and its role in the development of society. The article also defines typology and factors of inter-ethnic marriages, their trends and patterns.