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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Review of indicators of transport infrastructure development in Pavlodar region

Annotation: The state of transport infrastructure depends on the economic, social stability and communicability of any connections within the country, so as with other countries. The state program for the development of the territories sets the indicators of direct and final results for the purposeful development of the transport infrastructure. The state of the transport infrastructure is assessed based on an analysis of the achievement of these indicators. The article considers approaches to the analysis of indicators of direct and final results of transport infrastructure under the program of territory development of Pavlodar region.

Author: A.N. Yertaeva

Some examples of the application of complex numbers in geometry

Annotation: The article deals with the geometric interpretation of complex numbers, the possibilities of applying a transformation of the plane, and examples of solving problems.

Adaptation of children in a team with a low social status

Annotation: This article presents an analysis of psychological and educational literature on the adaptation of adolescents in general education schools for children with low social status. The author attached special importance to the work of school staff members, on the part of the state and private foundations, which help children and families with a low social status in Kazakhstan.

Religion and youth

Annotation: The article deals with religion, including Islam, which does not impose restrictions on obtaining knowledge. A learned person must keep up the pace of life in the contemporary world. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to manage the time given in youth correctly; try to get an education, to find a way to the mastery of a profession. The younger generation should strive to introduce modern technology.

Prevention of children's fears with the help of game therapy

Annotation: This article presents the mаin stаges in the development of gаme therаpy in psychologicаl аnd pedаgogicаl prаctice. Some approaches of western and Russian specialists in game work on correction with children of preschool age are considered. The tasks of game psychotherapy and the methods of group therapy are indicated. We came to the conclusion that at the present time the use of the game for the purposes of psychotherapy is carried out within the framework of a wide variety of theoretical and methodological directions and schools.

The effect of conductive electromagnetic interference on the phase-to-ground fault current in 6-35 kV networks

Annotation: The article presents a study of the effect of a resistor in a network neutral point from 6 to 35 kV on the conductive electromagnetic interference with the ground-fault current. A mathematical model is proposed.

The basic directions of improvement of the functioning quality of electric networks of 6-110 kV

Annotation: The main directions of increasing the reliability and electrical safety of power distribution networks are considered in the article. The schemes of the main directions of development and improvement of electric grids are given.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

The leading role of the political elite of Kazakhstan in ensuring harmony and tolerance of Kazakhstan society

Annotation: This article examines the role of political elite of Kazakhstan in ensuring harmony and tolerance of Kazakhstan society. The political elite of Kazakhstan in the system of functioning of the cone of the political pyramid determines the structure and form of stratification.

Differentiate test control at primary school

Annotation: Education is one of the priority directions in the development of our state. It is impossible to talk about modernization of education without monitoring its quality. The article considers a differentiated approach to learning, the conditions under which this approach can be applied. Two main criteria of the differentiated approach are singled out: level of training and learning ability. The article gives recommendations on the phased implementation of differentiation. Positive and negative parties of different types of control of education quality are also presented. Most objective is the differentiated test control. The article reveals its characteristics, the possibilities of using it in lessons in primary school.

The organization of activity of primary school students during mathematics with deformed assignments

Annotation: The article says that in today's changing world, education has become a priority, because one of the most important tasks of the modern school is the formation of young people's readiness for independent educational activity. Each teacher builds his own strategy for the successful organization of the work of students in the classroom. In order to raise the theoretical level of the material taught and armament by their methods of independent work on developing and acquiring knowledge instruments, the teacher can use deformed tasks when organizing activities in the classroom.

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