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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Socialization of children brought up in special

Annotation: This article deals with the theoretical aspects of socialization of children in the gardens, as well as analysis of the performance of the work. Children with development delays were conductive work. Which consists of two parts diagnosis and correction. The following procedures used in the diagnosis, they are study of children`s self-awareness and polo age identification. Study of graphic and emotional expressiveness of children speech. During the year, the correctional work was conducted. At the end of the school year indicators of socialization of children with developmental delays have shown good results.

On the issue of the strategic approach to family counseling

Annotation: This article describes the concept and the role of a strategic approach to family counseling. Currently, the strategic approach to family counseling is the most common type of psychotherapy in the family. The article compares the strategic approach to the systemic and structural approach to family counseling. This method of family therapy focused on problem solving and psychotherapists this area do not focus on personal features of family members, are not intended to achieve the client or family insight.

Formatting of school's motivation for children in Primary school

Annotation: The article examines how a motivation of primary school children through certain activities. These types of authors reflect consistently implemented educator blocks: emotional, motivational and cognitive-target. The article also suggested exercises and tasks allows to generate, according to the authors, the motivation of the children in primary schools.

New approaches to the organization of courses of teachers

Annotation: This article describes the radical changes that occur in the training of educators and future path of modernization in accordance with the prospects of development of the entire education system of Kazakhstan for the long term.

Development of creative abilities of students

Annotation: This article describes the theoretical and practical aspects of peculiarities of development of creative abilities of pupils in primary and secondary schools of the state institution "School-Lyceum №8 for talented children" of Pavlodar". The article proves the need and possibility of use in extracurricular activities of the course "Art therapy" to enhance the level of development of creative abilities of pupils. During the experiment it was proved that not only creative abilities, but emotsionalno-volitional sphere develops in the process of studying the material in this course. The findings suggest that creative abilities of pupils of elementary and secondary fcoli develop in activities.

Author: E.V.Sidorenco

Theoretical aspects of the social and psychological health

Annotation: The paper presents a description of the nature and content of the social psychological health of the family and its main indicators, the basic laws of the development of social psychological health of the family. On the basis of the psychological analysis of the conditions of life and well-being in the basic functions of life are revealed properties, levels of social psychological health of the family. In the above method of diagnosing mental health of the family sets out the scope, procedure diagnostic approaches to the study of her condition, are considered diagnostic problems obtaining psychological information about the family, the practical application of methods of diagnosis of mental health of the family, as well as data processing and interpretation, the formation of the diagnosis and recommendations.

Psychological features of readiness for motherhood

Annotation: This article contains material about the peculiarities of psychological readiness for motherhood. The psychological readiness for motherhood as a specific personal education. We consider motherhood as a psychosocial phenomenon. Psychological factors are considered violations of motherhood.

The rоle оf music аnd sоngs in English leаrning оn the different stаges оf аdulthооd

Annotation: The reseаrch views the meаning оf music аnd sоngs in English leаrning, cоncepts оf slаng аnd it’s аpplicаtiоn. The using оf music аnd leаrning оf sоngs increаse the mоtivаtiоn in English leаrning. Schоlаrs hаve leаrned thаt musicаl eаr, аttentiоn cоnnects with the develоpment оf аrticulаtive аppаrаtus. Leаrning аnd singing shоrt sоngs helps tо remember аrticulаtiоn, stress, prоnunciаtiоn оf sоunds аnd wоrds. Аccоrding tо lаst invаsiоn which hоld in vаriоus cоuntries, children аnd teenаgers mаster fоreign lаnguаges better. Using music аnd leаrning slаng thrоugh sоngs unite persоn аnd English culture. Аnd it is аn impоrtаnt fаctоr оf increаsing interest tо lаnguаge leаrning оn the different stаges оf аdulthооd.

Determining the percentage of metal in the catalyst

Annotation: This article focuses on the adsorption properties of Ni-PEG / ZnO and Cu-PEG / ZnO catalysts. For modern technologies require more efficient and cheaper hydrogenation catalysts. Create them only through the development of new scientific approaches to the preparation of supported catalysts, and most recently modified polymer catalyst as supported on a carrier, and unsupported, involving the study of new physical and chemical methods. To determine the percentage of metal in the catalyst was prepared and investigated the mother solution.

Author: D.A. Ganikel

The new milk product from mare's milk

Annotation: This article discusses the relevance of expanding the range of dairy and dairy products and beverages based on mare's milk at the Republic of Kazakhstan. We consider the application of mare's milk (traditional use, cosmetics, health food). This article discusses the methods of storage mare's milk and using mare's milk for feeding infants. The article describes a new product based on mare's milk and the results of research.