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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

Peculiarities of the technical text тrаnslаtіоn

Annotation: Annotation. Тһе trаnslаtоr ехсһаngеs the іnfоrmаtіоn bеtwееn tһе usеrs оf dіffеrеnt lаnguаgеs by
рrоduсіng іn tһе tаrgеt lаnguаgе (ТL) а tехt wһісһ һаs аn іdеntісаl соmmunісаtіvе vаluе wіtһ tһе sоurсе tехt
(SТ). Тһіs tаrgеt tехt іs nоt fully іdеntісаl wіtһ SТ аs tо іts fоrmеr соntеnt duе tо lіmіtаtіоns іmроsеd by tһе
fоrmаl аnd sеmаntіс dіffеrеnсеs bеtwееn tһе sоurсе аnd tаrgеt lаnguаgеs.


Features of disinfection in tuberculosis

Annotation: This article discusses the evaluation of the effectiveness of disinfectants «Dezosteril» and its derivatives
and analogues in the fight against tuberculosis. The emergence of tuberculosis and its pathogens. Namely, «to
Dezosteril» and its derivatives produced on the territory of «BO-NA» of Pavlodar city. The main attention is
paid to the types and methods of disinfection. Resistance of microorganisms to chemical disinfectants based on
peracetic acid (NUK) and hydrogen peroxide.

Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 1

Improvement of personnel management in limited liability partnerships

Annotation: The article discusses current issues of staffing the personnel management system in the field of the
enterprise. It is noted that the solution of the problem of staffing the personnel management system will create
an effective functioning of the entire enterprise.


The role and problems of implementing a quality management system

Annotation: Introduction of the quality management system is an important step for any production. Not only has the
competitiveness of enterprise but also further successful development depends on the result of introduction of the
quality management system and its proper functioning. Due to a quality management it is possible to obtain not
only the improvement of structure of organization but also processes and their results quality. The aim of the
article is to study the role of the quality management system in steady development of enterprise and problem of
introduction of the quality management system in our country.


Trends in the development of gender education in higher education in countries of post-Soviet Central Asia

Annotation: This article identifies the leading development trends of gender education at higher school of the post-
Soviet Central Asian countries. Ones relate, firstly, to the legal and regulatory framework for the
implementation of gender ideas at higher education. Secondly, trends are related to the conditions for
organizing gender training. Thirdly, trends are manifested in scientific activity on gender studies at the
universities of the CA countries.

Author: S.N. Grishak

Social and valuable bases of the naming of Astana city streets

Annotation: The study confirmed the relevance of the use of historical and pedagogical knowledge in the formation of
national identity of schoolchildren. National identity is an integral part of the structure of personality. Having
formed on the basis of the students' mastery of the language, norms, traditions and other values of the national
environment, they become phenomena of the spiritual life of the individual and act as an internal regulator of
behavior. The obtained results confirm the hypothesis that the substantiation and identification of the valuesemantic
meaning of street names can provide more effective learning of historical and pedagogical knowledge
by schoolchildren, contributing to the formation of national identity.

Teaching a foreign language in primary school in the context of updating the content of education

Annotation: Changes in the education system have influenced the content of education in primary school. Working
with younger students requires teachers to use modern methods. Determining the leading principles of teaching,
the priority strategies of learning and the organization of an English lesson is what contributes to the
36 Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2018. № 1 ISSN 1729-536X
effectiveness of teaching. The article is devoted to the analysis of the characteristics of teaching English in
elementary school in the context of updated educational content. The authors reviewed the elements of the
lesson, methods and techniques of organizing the educational process in primary school, described the factors
affecting the effectiveness of training. The authors also tried to uncover a number of problems and give
recommendations that arise in connection with the tendency to learn English in primary school.

Improving women`s health aged 25-35 by means of fitness

Annotation: In the course of the study, the peculiarities of the psychophysiological recovery of women aged 25-
35 years were studied with the help of organizing and conducting group fitness classes. The work is practiceoriented.
The authors aim to develop a training complex for group fitness classes for the psychophysiological
rehabilitation of women. Experimental work assesses the level of physical development, functional state and
physical fitness of women aged 25-35. During the implementation of the work stages, the results of the study of
the level of physical development, functional state and physical fitness of the examinees were determined and
presented. During the formation of a training complex for the health improvement of women aged 25-35 by
means of fitness, the static-dynamic and psychological blocks were included and used.

The study of physical and biological characteristics of raw materials and the creation of technology of molecular products

Annotation: In this article, the physical and biological characteristics of raw animal and plant material for protein-inoil
emulsion and the technology of the meat molecular product «Pressed horse meat in the form» were

Expansion of pyroplasmosis of different canine breeds in the Pavlodar city

Annotation: The article presents the results of studies conducted at the veterinary clinic «Jean» in the city of
Pavlodar. It is noted, that for the period 2013-2017. 348 cases of disease in dogs were registered by
pyroplasmosis – a protozoal disease caused by parasitic organs of the genus Piroplasma. The authors described
the clinical symptoms of disease in animals, as well as the nature of the flow of infectious diseases.