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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Consequences of taking naswar

Annotation: The article talks about the harmfulness of naswar, a substance with a weak narcotic action. The methods and tools that must confront the development of this problem among young people today are also described in this article.

Psуchological and pedagogical bases of the spirituall and moral education of preschool children

Annotation: In the article questions of spiritual and moral education of children of younger age and necessity of activization of personality formation of the preschool child in this direction are considered. The author notes the interaction between the preschool institution and familу. Not only the teachers of kindergartens, but parents themselves should remember the importance of developing spirituality. In the spiritual and moral education the primary role is played by the example of relatives, specific facts from the life of family members. Attention is focused on the fact that children should have good examples to follow, because children act in different situations in the same way as the older members of their family do. Emphasizes the importance of arranging life in a family in such a way to fill the needs of both the material and spiritual and moral needs.

Prevention of children's fears with the help of game therapy

Annotation: This article presents the mаin stаges in the development of gаme therаpy in psychologicаl аnd pedаgogicаl prаctice. Some approaches of western and Russian specialists in game work on correction with children of preschool age are considered. The tasks of game psychotherapy and the methods of group therapy are indicated. We came to the conclusion that at the present time the use of the game for the purposes of psychotherapy is carried out within the framework of a wide variety of theoretical and methodological directions and schools.

Review of methods of diagnosis of failures of electric motor

Annotation: In the article different methods of diagnosis of failures of electric equipment which are most often found in the industry today. The classification of methods for diagnosing motor failures is presented, and the advantages and disadvantages of existing methods for diagnosing failures in electric equipment are revealed. Based on the description of the methods of diagnosing electric equipment failures, a comparative table was compiled. Analyzing the comparative table of methods for diagnosing failures of electric equipment, the most current method for diagnosing the technical condition of the electric motor was determined.

The effect of conductive electromagnetic interference on the phase-to-ground fault current in 6-35 kV networks

Annotation: The article presents a study of the effect of a resistor in a network neutral point from 6 to 35 kV on the conductive electromagnetic interference with the ground-fault current. A mathematical model is proposed.

Analysis of fires in the multi-storey residential houses in Pavlodar

Annotation: The article is concerned with the analysis of fires in the multi-storey residential houses in Pavlodar. The analysis was carried out on statistical data from 2014 to 2016. Examples of fire analysis in Russia are given.

Development of a new fermented dairy product with functional properties

Annotation: The article deals with the development of technologies for the preparation of fermented dairy products, which makes it possible to consider the scientific task of creating yoghurt products with the use of starter cultures as an actual one.

Author: A.N. Lukash

The basic directions of improvement of the functioning quality of electric networks of 6-110 kV

Annotation: The main directions of increasing the reliability and electrical safety of power distribution networks are considered in the article. The schemes of the main directions of development and improvement of electric grids are given.

Oriental motifs of the poem Sh. Kudaiberdieva “Laili-Mazhnun”

Annotation: The article deals with the eastern motives of the poem «Layla and Majnun» by Sh. Kudaiberdiev, which is based on comparison of the similarity of traditions in the socio-historical essence of the Kazakh steppe. In this connection, Shakarim's choice of the version of Fizuli "Layla and Majnun" is justified.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

The current state and current issues of innovative development of water transport of Ukraine

Annotation: In the article, the problem-oriented analysis of the current state of water transport of Ukraine based on the current geopolitical situation was made. The author has made an attempt to identify and organize internal and external factors that influence the innovative development of water transport of the Ukraine, that increase the efficiency of its operation under current conditions.