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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Perspective directions of biotechnology in the world

Annotation: This article discusses the basic prerequisites for the development of biotechnology in Kazakhstan, as well as identifies of the most promising areas and concepts for its development in our country. Biotechnology, with all its potential and the enormous size of the potential of new markets, has not yet received sufficient momentum for the development of Kazakhstan.
The importance of biotechnology for the development of Kazakhstan's economy is hard to overestimate. Upgrading technological base of modern industrial production is impossible without the mass introduction of biotechnology and biotechnology products. Moreover, for a number of industries (agro-food sector, the forestry sector, a number of sub-sectors of chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the biomedical health sector) modernization will mean the transition to biotechnology techniques and products.

Development of agricultural biotechnology in Kazakhstan

Annotation: In the article the main issues and trends of agricultural biotechnology development in Kazakhstan, prospects of biotechnology application in the production of agro-industrial complex of the country have been considered. Data has been presented on: what researches are being carried out by scientific organizations in the field of agricultural biotechnology with attraction of leading foreign scientists and scientific organizations; what recommendations for technologies have been developed and what new biotechnological products have been created in all branches. Promising technologies in the field of biotechnologies in AIC for Kazakhstan as well as keys to the success in the development of science and technologies in AIC have been indicated.

The estimation of consumer properties of bee honey represented in the retail trade network

Annotation: This article views the research methods allowing by the organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators to estimate the honey naturality and approximately determine its origin due to the results of the analyses. The factors influencing the quality of the produced honey have been considered and the chemical
Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2015. №3 ISSN 1729-536X 167
composition of the useful components of honey has been studied. It is shown that Kazakhstani honey can be rather competitive at the world market and the main task is the increase the honey production without changing its quality.

Linguocultural characteristics of the types of weapons used in the epics «Er Kokshe», «Er Kosai»

Annotation: The article deals with peculiarities of military lexis, types of weapons and using of them in Kazakh eposes such as “Er Kokshe”, “Er Kosay”. It gives a detailed analysis of edgy weapons such as nayza, kylysh, sungi, zulpukar, semser and weapons for shooting – sadak, that exist in lyrics. Aims of comprehensive interpretation of Batyr’s character sketch are defined. It is analyzed some scientists works, who explored military lexis in Kazakh epos. In this scientific article etymology, lexis and morphological structures of types of weapons in eposes “Er Kokshe”, “Er kosay” are analyzed. It is specially noted to archaisms such as nayza, kylysh, sungi, zulpukar, semser which are exist in heroically eposes.


Urbanization impact on the ethno-cultural processes

Annotation: In the article the traditional socio-cultural values in terms of urbanization are discussed, the trends in the development of ethno-cultural processes are characterized. On the basis of the sociological study the conservation of traditionalrituals is especially analyzed, ethno cultural orientation and level of knowledge of certain elements of national culture is identified.In our view, it’s interesting to consider the transition of anthroponomy and other proper names in the category of urbanoniums. It is the process of the reflecting the historical, social, political and cultural transformation. It describes a certain historical period and helps with it to follow up the history of the city. Alsourbanonims base the main source of linguistic and regional geographic research. So, there are some examples of rise of urbanonims in Kazakh, Russian and English languages are given.

Author: N.S. Seitova

Social advertising as a fragment of social and cultural life of the community

Annotation: The scientific article gives definitions of such terms as “public service advertising”, “discourse of public service advertising”. It also includes their descriptions, peculiarities and the sphere of their application. The article defines the goals and objectives of public service advertising, analyzes the classification of social advertising. The scientific article analyzes some scientific works of scholars who studied social advertising as communicative phenomenon, as well as the characteristics of social advertising that reflects society’s culture and its life.


The lingvo culturological of features of a teomorphic metaphor of peri

Annotation: In this article some opinion on the relation the lingvo culturological of features of a teomorphic metaphor, considered as a fundamental metaphor is stated. On a row with it, on the example of classical poetry of Alisher Navoi, Babur, is described the semantic nature of this metaphor.


Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Development and condition of the marketing and information system in the agroindustrial complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this article the creation and development of information and marketing system in the economy of agriculture of Kazakhstan is described. The analysis of the activity of JSC “Kazagromarketing” is given; new ways on the improvement of the agricultural information and consultancy centers and the development of the widespread regional network are also suggested.

Author: M.A. Amirova

Perfection of regional innovative system structure as the main direction to increase potential of the region

Annotation: The article deals with the issues of improving the structure of regional innovation system. As the result,
four directions are identified to improve the structure of innovative system in the region. Thus, recommendations
are proposed to improve the mechanism of innovative development of Pavlodar region. Moreover, the factors
that may hinder innovative development of the region are highlighted.


Issues of a state institution expenses financing and ways of their solution

Annotation: The main issues of a state institution expenses financing are considered in the paper. The disadvantages
of the existing system of planning and implementing the budget programs have been studied. The major ways on
solving the issues in the field of state institutions expenses financing are offered.