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Agricultural, veterinary sciences and food processing

Biotechnology of plants and animals. Technology of processing, storage and processing of cereals and legume crops. Selection and seed production of agricultural plants. Plant protection. Breeding, selection and genetics of agricultural plants. Feed production, animal feeding and feed technology. Small animal science and technology for the production of livestock products. Veterinary obstetrics and animal reproduction biotechnology. Veterinary microbiology, virology and infectious diseases. Parasitic diseases of animals. Diseases of small domestic animals. Organization and economics of veterinary medicine. Diagnosis of non-communicable diseases and animal therapy. Pathology and morphology of animals. Veterinary ecology, sanitation, hygiene and veterinary and sanitary examination. Technology of processing and storage of cereals and legumes and cereal products. Technology of meat, dairy and fish products. Food biotechnology. Technology of food products for functional and specialized purposes. Food service technology.