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Publication ethics

Responsibility of the journal’s editor-in-chief

The journal’s editor-in-chief ensures compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of intellectual property and publishing; transparency through the website of a scientific publication.


Section editors’ responsibility

Section editors form the composition of the editorial board, taking into account the citation index, integrity, responsibility of specialists. Section editors are personally responsible for deciding on the publication of manuscripts. The basis for this should be the reliability of the presented results and their scholarly importance.


In deciding to publish, the editor may consult with other editors and designated experts. The editors are governed by the acting legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The editor should evaluate the scientific base of the manuscripts without reference to race, sex, religious views, sexual orientation, origin, nationality and political views of the author.


The editor and members of the editorial board should not disclose information on manuscripts accepted for publication to third parties who are not reviewers, potential reviewers, members of the editorial board, and printing workers. Unpublished data obtained from manuscripts should not be used for personal research purposes without the written permission of the author. Information or insights gained through peer review must remain confidential and not be used for personal gain. If there is a conflict of interest, editors must recuse themselves, ask the editorial board for assistance, and not take part in the decision to publish the article.


Responsibility of experts (reviewers)

An expert (reviewer) is obliged to give an objective assessment of the content of the manuscript and not allow personal criticism of the author. Experts (reviewers) should help improve the quality of publication and decide on the publication of the manuscript. The expert (reviewer) must identify published works that were not referenced in the peer-reviewed manuscript.

An expert (reviewer), aware of the inadequacy of qualifications for an objective examination of a manuscript or a conflict of interest, must notify the section editor and recuse.


An expert (reviewer) should consider any article received for examination as a confidential document. An expert (reviewer) does not have the right to make a copy of the manuscript, discuss its contents with persons not authorized by the section editor. Unpublished data obtained from peer-reviewed articles should not be used by an expert (reviewer) for personal research purposes without the written permission of the author.


Responsibility of the authors

The authors of publications can only be persons who have made a significant contribution to the formation of the design of the work, the interpretation of the research results. The author should evaluate the contribution of persons who participated in obtaining the results of the study, and include them in the co-authors. In this case, the author must ensure the preliminary approval of the last version of the manuscript with co-authors. In this case, all authors are responsible for the content of the work.


The publication of students and undergraduates is carried out only in collaboration with the supervisor who is personally responsible for the content of the work.


Manuscript authors must provide reliable research results, make references to the publications used. Plagiarism in any form of its manifestation should be excluded when writing the manuscript. The author is personally responsible for the accuracy of data on surnames, first names, patronymics, names, copyright holders, facts, quotes contained in the article, for the publication of materials that are not subject to disclosure.


Data obtained privately, any confidential information should not be used by the author without the written permission of the source.

The author guarantees the absence in the manuscript of the article of the illegal use of someone else’s text, graphs and drawings. The author bears full responsibility for the fact that the manuscript of the article does not contain the information provided for in Articles 11-14 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Secrets of the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated 15.03.1999, and also guarantees that publication of the material does not require permission from the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan or any other authorized body.

The author should not submit an article identical to that previously published in another journal.

If significant errors are found in the manuscript of the article, the author must inform the section editor about this before signing the ready-to-print file of the journal issue. Otherwise, the author must correct all criticisms at his own expense.

When sending an article to a journal, the author realizes the indicated degree of personal responsibility, which is reflected in a written appeal to the editorial board of the Journal.