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Agricultural, veterinary sciences and food processing

Scientific substantiation and development of biotechnology of curd product for specialized (herodietic) nutrition
Annotation: he article presents the scientific rationale for a promising trend - a product with a high protein content, enriched with functional ingredients for specialized (herodietic) nutrition. Based on the results of our own research, we determined the component composition of the fermented product and the main dairy raw material - buttermilk, characterized by high biological value. The new product contains an antioxidant complex and a herbal ingredient that expands the product range.
Year of release: 2020
Number of the journal: 1(77)

Heterological serological diagnostics of nodular cattle dermatitis
Annotation: he article is devoted to the current problem of laboratory diagnosis of nodular dermatitis in cattle. Specific tools and methods for diagnosing t his disease have not yet been developed. There is evidence of an antigenic relationship between the causative agent of nodular dermatitis of cattle and the causative agent of sheep pox. The possibility of using means and methods of serological diagnosis of sheep pox for the diagnosis of ND cattle is being considered. Reducing the timing of diagnosis helps to increase the effectiveness of ongoing therapeutic and antiepizootic measures.
Year of release: 2020
Number of the journal: 1(77)

Foreign experience of development of agrarian and industrial complex
Annotation: The article consideres foreign experience of the state support of agricultural production. The authors analysed innovative processes (use of bioresources), occurring in the agrarian and industrial complex and defined the main directions of financial support in agriculture area.
Year of release: 2014
Number of the journal: 1(53)

An example of making a mixture for keeping the soil balance of agricultural crops
Annotation: To improve soil water regime and moisture supply of plants, moisture-swelling polymeric materials are used in the form of hydrogels, which, upon contact with water, rapidly absorb and retain it for a long time in its volume. However, widespread of such hydrogels used in plant growing is currently limited by its high cost. In this connection, from the economic point of view, the use of composite materials as soil conditioners is of great importance, including inexpensive natural raw materials in its composition while maintaining high rates of moisture sorption and water retention. The task is to improve the mixture to maintain the soil balance of various agricultural crops by changing the quantitative ratio of components, significantly cheaper the composition, improving its quality indicators. The purpose of the scientific article is the mixture for maintaining the soil balance of various agricultural crops, which contains an active product based on a granulated hydrogel and a targeted additive.
Year of release: 2016
Number of the journal: 2(62)

A new concept for the development of agro-industrial complex in the North of Kazakhstan
Annotation: The article considers ways of solving the problem of increasing the efficiency of agriculture in the North of Kazakhstan and preventing the deteriorating basis for the development of this important branch of the country. It is proposed to change the concept of agro-industrial complex management in the region as a whole.
Year of release: 2017
Number of the journal: 2(66)

The use of enzymatic rice in the confectionery production
Annotation: The article describes a new method of using enzymatic rice in confectionery production. The article points to the actual continuity of expanding the assortment in the confectionery industry with the use of enzymatic rice.
Year of release: 2017
Number of the journal: 2(66)

Improvement of Kazakh horses of zhabe type by breeding by lines
Annotation: The article emphasizes the importance of carrying out breeding work with Kazakh horses of the zhabe type, which are of great importance for the productive horse breeding industry. The results of selection experiments on improving breeding and productive qualities are presented on the example of the Kazakh zhabe horses of Seletiinsky factory type at a stud farm "Altai Karpik Saydaly-Sartoka" of the Irtysh district of the Pavlodar region.
Year of release: 2017
Number of the journal: 3(67)

Сallus of medicinal plants in laboratory
Annotation: The article describes the process of producing callus cells from medicinal plants that are found in Kazakhstan. During the experiments, suitable external factors and optimal growth media for callus were identified.
Year of release: 2017
Number of the journal: 4(68)

The effect of pre- and probiotic preparations on the nutrient digestibility of feed mixtures and their effect on the growth and development of calves
Annotation: This article describes the effect of pre- and probiotics on the digestibility of feed by newborn calves. The calves of the experimental groups had a high growth energy, which was reflected in the absolute growth rates and their development.
Year of release: 2018
Number of the journal: 2(70)

Determination of the effectiveness of the use of a biological preparation «Bacticide» in the fight against the pestilence
Annotation: According to our research, the effectiveness of the biological preparation «Bacticide» to combat blood-sucking insects is 80-95 %. The effectiveness of the application depends on the location of insects and weather conditions. According to the instructions, «Bacticide» is an environmentally friendly development, as the preparation does not contain chemical preservatives. «Bacticide» means has all the permits documentation, it is registered and allowed for use in the countries of the customs union.In the Pavlodar region and in the future it was decided to use the biological preparation «Bacticide» in the fight against the gnus
Year of release: 2018
Number of the journal: 4(72)