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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Graphic activity as a means of increasing the efficiency of the formation activity in the primary school age

Annotation: The article is devoted to improve the efficiency of the formation activity in the early school years. In particular, it discloses approaches graphic activity as a means of increasing the activity. The article describes the manifestation of activity in various areas, the problem of its formation. We describe the types of activity in the early school years, which have different levels of development. The authors have examined the application of the system of graphic activity in the educational process, as a means to improve the efficiency of the formation activity.

Religious questions of works of Mashur Zhusup Kopev

Annotation: In this article the religious questions of works of Mashur Zhusup Kopev are analysed.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

The contemporary state of the transport infrastructure in Pavlodar

Annotation: Urban transport infrastructure is inextricably linked with external transport communications, being their
logical continuation in the planning structure of the city and vice versa. The transport complex of the modern
city includes: internal transport, external transport, freight transport, specialized transport, as well as various
services and units that ensure its functioning. One of the most important conditions for comfortable human
habitation in the city is the availability of a developed transport infrastructure. The street and road network of the city is designed taking into account the functional purpose of streets and roads, the intensity of transport and pedestrian traffic, architectural and planning organization of the territory and the nature of the building. Local authorities conduct systematic work to improve the city's transport system.

An example of making a mixture for keeping the soil balance of agricultural crops

Annotation: To improve soil water regime and moisture supply of plants, moisture-swelling polymeric materials are
used in the form of hydrogels, which, upon contact with water, rapidly absorb and retain it for a long time in its volume. However, widespread of such hydrogels used in plant growing is currently limited by its high cost. In this connection, from the economic point of view, the use of composite materials as soil conditioners is of great importance, including inexpensive natural raw materials in its composition while maintaining high rates of moisture sorption and water retention.
The task is to improve the mixture to maintain the soil balance of various agricultural crops by changing the quantitative ratio of components, significantly cheaper the composition, improving its quality indicators. The purpose of the scientific article is the mixture for maintaining the soil balance of various agricultural crops, which contains an active product based on a granulated hydrogel and a targeted additive.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Psychological and pedagogical prerequisites fos teacher professional development on the stage of education system modernization

Annotation: The present article presents motivation, success, and self-esteem as foundation and prerequisites for teacher professional development on various professional activity stages in the framework of resources available as well as individual personal traits providing teacher professional activity.Thearticle points out various approaches to stages of teacher professional development on the stage of education system modernization.

Development and research of the control of knowledge of mathematics model by computer-based testing

Annotation: In this article the study of knowledge control patterns in math class with the help of computer-based testing. Displaying several models of construction of test tasks . Highlight the advantages of computer-based testing. The theoretical foundations of mathematical modeling.

External factors affecting the mental development of teenagers of deviant behavior

Annotation: This article is devoted to the problem of deviant behavior of teenagers; it reveals the influence of external factors on the development of deviations of teenagers and offers to conduct the preventive work in a complex in early stages of development of deviant behavior. The factors and circumstances specifying the demonstration of deviation have revealed. The development of school policy aimed at the organizing the social and pedagogical conditions neutralizing and correcting negative impact of the social crisis has been suggested.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Socialization of children brought up in special

Annotation: This article deals with the theoretical aspects of socialization of children in the gardens, as well as analysis of the performance of the work. Children with development delays were conductive work. Which consists of two parts diagnosis and correction. The following procedures used in the diagnosis, they are study of children`s self-awareness and polo age identification. Study of graphic and emotional expressiveness of children speech. During the year, the correctional work was conducted. At the end of the school year indicators of socialization of children with developmental delays have shown good results.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Reforming the tax policy on social inclusion

Annotation: The article is devoted to existing issues in the field of taxation, which contribute to the trends of social
exclusion in the society. The indicators that characterize social inclusion have been summarized. It is proved that
using a particular tax policy social and economic processes can be adjusted, such as production level,
employment, investment, science and technology, structural changes, prices, foreign economic relations, social
standard of living, the level of certain products consumption. Under the conditions of various forms of ownership
establishment in the formation of human capital, an important role is played by employers that provide aspects
of social inclusion or prevent social exclusion.


On the issue of implementing the competence approach in teaching process

Annotation: The article reveals the issues of applying the competence approach in conditions of new
development of educational paradigm. In particular, a great attention is paid to the issues of competence
approach in training. The article also represents the essence of person-oriented training. The research of the
stated issues is based on the theoretical works of the scientists who study the issues of education content. The
thesis of the necessity to socialize educational process is proved in the article.

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