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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Dynamic evaluation of emergency cases in Pavlodar city

Annotation: This paper analyzes emergency cases in Pavlodar city and suggests a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing the number of emergencies. The main causes of emergencies are of natural and anthropogenic origin. The paper is based on statistical data for a five-year period. Based on research results, state recording of emergencies is maintained. To prevent emergencies of natural and anthropogenic cause on the territory of Pavlodar, there are special emergency rescue teams, territorial units of the Civil Defense, object units and emergency response units.

State policy in the sphere of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The article considers the most important principles of government control in the field of physical culture and sports. The analysis of the main aspects of the implementation of the state policy in the field of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan is given.

Research of one numerical series

Annotation: In the paper, we consider some fractional and irrational expressions, and prove the assertion that leads them to fractional and rational expressions, and also consider one general lower and upper bound (two-sided estimate) for a one numerical series. In obtaining some congruencies, we used the formula for binomial coefficients, then from the sum of the left side we cancel each other, and the summons with even numbers, where everywhere in an even degree in an uneven degree are doubled even after multiplier was put outside, all the summons remain free from the square root. Several variants of proofs are considered in the solution of certain problems and theorems.

Some examples of the application of complex numbers in geometry

Annotation: The article deals with the geometric interpretation of complex numbers, the possibilities of applying a transformation of the plane, and examples of solving problems.

Adaptation of children in a team with a low social status

Annotation: This article presents an analysis of psychological and educational literature on the adaptation of adolescents in general education schools for children with low social status. The author attached special importance to the work of school staff members, on the part of the state and private foundations, which help children and families with a low social status in Kazakhstan.

Formation of spiritual and moral values in the lessons of self-knowledge

Annotation: The article considers the formation of spiritual and moral values among students in the self-knowledge lessons. This article also provides a modern teaching method such as an association

Evaluation of biological science component of the functional literacy of secondary school students

Annotation: The article presents the results of a study of the functional literacy of students in biology of grades 9th. The methodology for assessing the functional literacy of 15-year-old students of the international PISA program is used. Approbation was conducted with the test tasks of different level of complexity for an assessment of natural-science functional literacy. The results of the research showed that in the process of preparing students for the exam it is necessary to conduct systematic work directly with the test tasks and at the same time to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills of the basic level.

Accentuation of individual behavior

Annotation: The nature of a person reflects the history of relationships with the external environment. In the behavior lies the broad meaning of the concept. Accentuation of the nature is a strongly developed feeling in which the priorities and, in particular, the priorities of behavior are manifested. Accentuation is always a certain strengthening of signs, so it is a sign of personality accentuation. Nature formation is a lifelong process. Joint life forms of thoughts, feelings and modes of action. Therefore, along with the formation of a certain life-style image of a person, its " self", a quality that is determined by the appearance.

Formation of students professional skills in the teaching of pedagogical disciplines

Annotation: The article discusses ways of forming students’ professional abilities in the course of studying pedagogical disciplines. Methods of teaching within the Competence Approach and Learner Centered Approach as well as views of scholars researching Competence as a concept are described.

Religion and youth

Annotation: The article deals with religion, including Islam, which does not impose restrictions on obtaining knowledge. A learned person must keep up the pace of life in the contemporary world. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to manage the time given in youth correctly; try to get an education, to find a way to the mastery of a profession. The younger generation should strive to introduce modern technology.