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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

The effect of pre- and probiotic preparations on the nutrient digestibility of feed mixtures and their effect on the growth and development of calves

Annotation: This article describes the effect of pre- and probiotics on the digestibility of feed by newborn calves. The
calves of the experimental groups had a high growth energy, which was reflected in the absolute growth rates
and their development.

Problems of consideration of civil cases in a special action procedure

Annotation: The article discusses the procedures and rules for the consideration of civil cases in a special action
procedure. Investigated the problems of civil cases in order of chapter 29 of Civil procedural law of the
Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, mandatory compliance by the parties in the case of pre-trial settlement of
a dispute. Studying the current legislation, recommendations on its improvement are given.

Education and modern society of Kazakhstan

Annotation: Annotation. In this article the analysis of genesis of views of education as system of communications of
elements, functions and the purposes is considered. The essence of the modern national doctrine of formation of
the Republic of Kazakhstan as sovereign, independent state is also stated.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

Formation and value orientations of young people

Annotation: Annotation. The attempt to study the content and character of changes in the value conceptions of young
people in modern Kazakhstan society with its inherent difficulties and contradictions in the article was made.
Changes occurring in our society, and, first of all, in the economic, socio-political, spiritual spheres, affect the
value orientations of young people.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

On some problems of social security in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The article deals with the issues of social protection of the population in the Republic of Kazakhstan at
the present stage, the appointment of special state benefits to the population, including state social assistance to
families with children. In addition, a comparative analysis of the distribution of benefits by type and size of
benefits to families with many children in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

School readiness study

Annotation: School readiness issues are addressed by educators, psychologists, special education teachers, and
physicians. Recently, the law on compulsory school attendance for all children at the age of 6 has been adopted.
In this regard, there arises the question whether six-year-old children are ready for school. Will they be able to
meet the requirements of school educational program at the proper level, or only by overworking and tiring
themselves both physically and psychologically they may adhere to the desired level of education.

The impact of the psychological profile of a college graduate on learning objectives

Annotation: Psychological profile of College graduates is a set of interrelated personal characteristics that contribute
to professional and personal development and allow to predict the degree of adaptation of graduates to the
conditions of professional activity. The problem of professional demand for College graduates necessitates the
training of specialists showing social maturity, the ability to adapt to the labor market, readiness for
professional development. The influence of the psychological profile of a College graduate on the goals of
teaching depends on various factors not only of the education system, but also of society as a whole. In this
process, the main role belongs to the educational environment of the College. Therefore, one of the main
conditions for the successful professional and personal development of the student during the years of study is
the creation of a favorable psychological environment in the College for the realization of their intellectual and
personal potential.

Organization of psychological and pedagogical support of children in the rehabilitation center

Annotation: This article deals with the problems of organizing psychological and pedagogical support of children
with disabilities in a rehabilitation center. Currently, an extensive system of institutions of the Ministry of
Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2018. № 2 ISSN 1729-536X 91
Education, Health, Labor and Social Protection has been established in our country, in which medical, social,
psychological and pedagogical support is provided for the development of children with disorders of the
musculoskeletal system. The main task of maintenance is the creation of psychological and pedagogical
conditions for the full development and development of a socially successful person, the protection of the rights
of the child to receive education and development in accordance with their potential in the real conditions of
their existence. The leading principles of support for the development of the child in an educational institution
are: the advisory nature of the accompaniment; priority of the interests of the child; an individual approach
accompanied by the development of the child; maintenance continuity; integrated (multidisciplinary) approach,
accompanied by development.

The role of communication in the management of the organization

Annotation: The purpose of this article is to study and analyze the role of communications in motivating staff in an
organization. It is noted that the modern personnel management system is based on the fact that people are the
most important economic resource of an enterprise, the source of its profits, competitiveness and prosperity. The
motivation of the staff of any enterprise is one of the leading functions of the management of the company, since
the achievement of the main goal depends on the coherence of the work of people. This thesis underlies the
description and classification of communications, the consideration of types and tools for building
communication within an organization.

The detective as a special literary genre

Annotation: The article deals with topical issues of literary studies related to the definition of the genre specificity of
detective literature, which is unique and has an extraordinary prevalence of «mass literature»; the processes of
transformation of the genre of detective novel is taken into account. It acquires in the second decade of the
XXI century «hybrid forms», which emphasizes the novelty of the material presented in the article.
The author raises questions of the history of the genre, analyzes its morphology, conducts research of
contact and typological convergence, gives a detailed definition of «genre», which is the subject of study not
only literary studies, but also linguistics and «detective». The article describes the ways of development of the
modern detective, its main genre-forming features, structural, compositional and plot features.