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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Foreign experience of forming branding models

Annotation: The cities folded in foreign countries distinguish three organizational models of branding. First model – administrative – here, forming of brand of territory the public and local organs of power take the lead. Second organizational model – branding is initiated by business and divided into two types. First type – "export", according to this variant the basic task of municipal brand consists in stimulation of sales of commodities and services of local producers. Second type – "import", this variant of business model is branding on purpose to

attract (to import) new business and investments in a city. The third model of organization of branding – civil is implies that realization of branding is initiated by different public associations or separate interested citizens. All three variants of branding befit the Kazakhstan cities and territorial educations, but priority direction will become is the European model with participation administration.


Main trends in the development of the market of remote banking services: foreign experience

Annotation: In this article questions of development of remote bank service which rates of development allow to predict with confidence intensive development of the bank sphere and replacement in the near future of ordinary channels of bank sales by remote are considered. Authors have given definition of remote bank service, its main types depending on distribution channels are pointed. An assessment of the modern market remote bank service in foreign countries is given, at the same time the main tendencies characterizing features and problems of its development have been allocated.


Methods of protection of civil rights under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this study, ways of protecting civil rights and their classification were examined. The author also studied the main problems of legislative consolidation of ways to protect civil rights.


The nature of patriotic education

Annotation: The work deals with such terms as patriotism, patriot, patriotic education. The main directions of patriotic education in the education system are described. The issue of the upbringing of patriotism, responsibility, citizenship for one's country is one of the main tasks in the education system at the moment, therefore, in this article the basic concepts, components, tasks of patriotic education are examined.

The conflict intensity between spouses at different stages of marriage

Annotation: The article is devoted to the consideration of the level of conflict interaction of spouses at different stages of marriage experience. The results of the investigation of the conflictness of the marriage partners at different stages of family life. The authors describe the nature of the interaction of the spouses, as well as a comparative study of the level of conflict between the groups of respondents with different marriage experience.

Algorithm of suppression of electromagnetic disturbances

Annotation: The article considers various methods of suppressing electromagnetic disturbances encountered in the electric power system. Detailed descriptions of methods of suppression, as well as classification of electromagnetic interference on the basis of the source of their occurrence are given. Illustrative diagrams of the
106 Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2017. № 1 ISSN 1729-536X
three methods are shown. Based on the analysis, recommendations were made on improving the noise-proof feature of power equipment.

Innovations management in Kazakhstan's telecom industry

Annotation: Innovations in the contemporary economic system act as one of the key factor that affects on improvement of organization's activity efficiency. Formation of innovative strategies for improvement of organizations' activity efficiency and realization of innovative projects are considered in this article.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Review of indicators of transport infrastructure development in Pavlodar region

Annotation: The state of transport infrastructure depends on the economic, social stability and communicability of any connections within the country, so as with other countries. The state program for the development of the territories sets the indicators of direct and final results for the purposeful development of the transport infrastructure. The state of the transport infrastructure is assessed based on an analysis of the achievement of these indicators. The article considers approaches to the analysis of indicators of direct and final results of transport infrastructure under the program of territory development of Pavlodar region.

Author: A.N. Yertaeva

Staffing provision of the activity of the Communal state enterprise on the right of business «Aktogay central district hospital»

Annotation: In the article, on the materials of the Communal state enterprise on the right of business «Aktogay central district hospital, the problems of staffing provision of healthcare sphere institutions of Pavlodar region are considered. The article gives the analysis of the current state of the problem and the ways of its solution, including mechanisms of state support and regulation.


Socio-economic development of Bayanaul region: analysis of the state and development trends

Annotation: The article focuses on the key issues of the socio-economic development and formulates the problems hindering its development on the base of materials of Bayanaul region.

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