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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Evaluation of staff in a commercial bank

Annotation: This article shows the problems and peculiarities that arise from the bank's administration in the management and evaluation of staff. With proper assessment staff can identify potential for promotion and reduce the risk of extension of incompetent staff, determine the need for and the cost of training employees to maintain a sense of justice and to increase work motivation, provide feedback to the staff on the quality of their work and the work of th of personnel, motivation, corporate culture, commercial bank,, career development, monitoring.


Problem aspects of development of clusters are in Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: This article discusses the benefits of cluster development, problematic aspects hindering the development of clusters in the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to statistics, in Kazakhstan so far failed to dramatically increase the innovative activity and effectiveness of the companies to create a competitive environment that encourages the use of innovation. Among the main problems should be attributed lack of qualified personnel, insufficient quality and availability of transport and engineering infrastructure, low level of institutional development of the cluster, limited access to foreign markets. Therefore, it is important to correlate the level of development of cooperation ties and incentive mechanisms, the level of technological equipment and organization of production, the level of competitiveness of suppliers, including the quality and technological level of the supplied products and services.


Current state and prospects of the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan

Annotation: In the given article there was described the main characteristics of the pharmaceutical branch of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage, characteristics of the national production of pharmaceutical products and cooperation of the national pharmaceutical producers with the foreign ones. Based on the analysis of basic social indicators and programs for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, it described the current state of the pharmaceutical industry and the changes that are taking place in this sector of the market. The article based on the analysis clearly shows the position of domestic products in the domestic market. The same article refers to the country's existing favorable conditions for further development of the pharmaceutical industry in it.

Author: E.V. Kim

Highways - as an element of transport-communication complex Republics of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The questions of development of highways of Republic of Kazakhstan are considered in this article. The analysis of modern development of highways status is conducted. Including influence of development of highways on the economy of region. The ways of perfection of development of highways offer


Improvement of crises’ diagnostics at the enterprise

Annotation: This article presents the set of forms and methods to realize anti-crisis measures in relation to the certain enterprise. We have studied the procedure of diagnostics of crisis situations and condition of the enterprise’s bankruptcy, and we have also revealed the features of anti-recession management while carrying out the assessment of reliability and promotion of hypotheses of regularities and the enterprise’s possible unstable financial and economic state.

Author: E.G. Titova

Skills of the owning behavior with crisis situations at pupils of teenage and youthful age

Annotation: In this article is considers the problem of development of skills in pupils to own difficult life situations in difficult circumstances of modern life. The author considers basic provisions of crisis situations and ways of behavior of pupils in them. The owning behavior of teenagers is considers as the purposeful public behavior allowing the subject to cope with problems (or stresses) by methods adequate to personal features and situations, through intelligent strategy of acts.

Development of creative abilities of students

Annotation: This article describes the theoretical and practical aspects of peculiarities of development of creative abilities of pupils in primary and secondary schools of the state institution "School-Lyceum №8 for talented children" of Pavlodar". The article proves the need and possibility of use in extracurricular activities of the course "Art therapy" to enhance the level of development of creative abilities of pupils. During the experiment it was proved that not only creative abilities, but emotsionalno-volitional sphere develops in the process of studying the material in this course. The findings suggest that creative abilities of pupils of elementary and secondary fcoli develop in activities.

Author: E.V.Sidorenco

Psychological features of readiness for motherhood

Annotation: This article contains material about the peculiarities of psychological readiness for motherhood. The psychological readiness for motherhood as a specific personal education. We consider motherhood as a psychosocial phenomenon. Psychological factors are considered violations of motherhood.

The new milk product from mare's milk

Annotation: This article discusses the relevance of expanding the range of dairy and dairy products and beverages based on mare's milk at the Republic of Kazakhstan. We consider the application of mare's milk (traditional use, cosmetics, health food). This article discusses the methods of storage mare's milk and using mare's milk for feeding infants. The article describes a new product based on mare's milk and the results of research.

Perspective directions of biotechnology in the world

Annotation: This article discusses the basic prerequisites for the development of biotechnology in Kazakhstan, as well as identifies of the most promising areas and concepts for its development in our country. Biotechnology, with all its potential and the enormous size of the potential of new markets, has not yet received sufficient momentum for the development of Kazakhstan.
The importance of biotechnology for the development of Kazakhstan's economy is hard to overestimate. Upgrading technological base of modern industrial production is impossible without the mass introduction of biotechnology and biotechnology products. Moreover, for a number of industries (agro-food sector, the forestry sector, a number of sub-sectors of chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the biomedical health sector) modernization will mean the transition to biotechnology techniques and products.

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