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Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Analysis and Evaluation of Dynamic of Emergency Situations in Ekibastuz city

Annotation: The paper analyzes dynamics of emergency situations in rural zone of Ekibastuz city. The main causes of emergencies of natural and anthropogenic nature are presented. The analysis was based on five-year experience of the Department of Emergency Situations in Ekibastuz city. The material damage from emergency incidents is in the order of several millions. Measures of a preventive and recommendatory nature aimed at preventing and eliminating emergencies are proposed.

Dynamic evaluation of emergency cases in Pavlodar city

Annotation: This paper analyzes emergency cases in Pavlodar city and suggests a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing the number of emergencies. The main causes of emergencies are of natural and anthropogenic origin. The paper is based on statistical data for a five-year period. Based on research results, state recording of emergencies is maintained. To prevent emergencies of natural and anthropogenic cause on the territory of Pavlodar, there are special emergency rescue teams, territorial units of the Civil Defense, object units and emergency response units.

Some examples of the application of complex numbers in geometry

Annotation: The article deals with the geometric interpretation of complex numbers, the possibilities of applying a transformation of the plane, and examples of solving problems.

Consequences of taking naswar

Annotation: The article talks about the harmfulness of naswar, a substance with a weak narcotic action. The methods and tools that must confront the development of this problem among young people today are also described in this article.

The effect of conductive electromagnetic interference on the phase-to-ground fault current in 6-35 kV networks

Annotation: The article presents a study of the effect of a resistor in a network neutral point from 6 to 35 kV on the conductive electromagnetic interference with the ground-fault current. A mathematical model is proposed.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Differentiate test control at primary school

Annotation: Education is one of the priority directions in the development of our state. It is impossible to talk about modernization of education without monitoring its quality. The article considers a differentiated approach to learning, the conditions under which this approach can be applied. Two main criteria of the differentiated approach are singled out: level of training and learning ability. The article gives recommendations on the phased implementation of differentiation. Positive and negative parties of different types of control of education quality are also presented. Most objective is the differentiated test control. The article reveals its characteristics, the possibilities of using it in lessons in primary school.

Features of the process of formation of communication skills of 5–6 year old children in a kindergarten

Annotation: This article considers the features of formation process of communication skills of children of 5–6 year old in the kindergarten. The author notes that, in the formation of communication skills of children of 5–6 year old, there is a need for situational and business cooperation with a peer. The content of communication becomes a joint game activity, in parallel there is a need for recognition and respect for a peer. Expansion of the circle of communication requires the child to fully master the means of communication, the main of which is speech. The child's activity also requires the fast development of speech and makes the speech more diverse and complicated. The development of speech goes in several ways: improving its practical use in communicating with other people and at the same time it becomes the basis for the restructuring of mental processes, an instrument of thinking. Also, the ability to communicate is formed in vivo and is the result of social experience.

Тhe art of poultry farming of the Kazakh people

Annotation: In the article, the history of the art of poultry farming of the Kazakh people is comprehensively examined. Based on historical facts, opinions of concepts and knowledge are given, as well as beliefs about poultry farming of the Turkic peoples.


Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

The image of men and women in the Kazakh advertising

Annotation: This article analyzes the advertising messages, which aims to identify images in the Kazakh advertising and their characteristics on the example of advertising texts. Authors show the characteristics of Kazakh advertising, reflecting the country's cultural identity. The focus of the work is accented on gender stereotypes, characterizing the specific features of promotional images of men and women.

The health care system of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage

Annotation: The effectiveness of public health is closely related to country's economy generally. In its turn, the public health has an influence on economic development of the national economy through the preservation of population's health (mortality decrease, morbidity and disability, increase of average life expectancy). In this article are carried out the analysis of the current state of the public health system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It's focused on questions like health financing and the distribution of the country's budgetary resources in this area. The results of the State programm of reform and development of public health are analyzed. The results of the state program of reforming and development of public health were analized and its second phase was considered: the state program "Densaulyk" in the years of 2016–2020 which will be aimed at consolidating and developing of the achieved results and the solving of available problems in the issues of healthcare.

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