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M.B. Aytmagambetova

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Structure of World Model Formed by Commercial Television Advertising (a case of study of “Pervyy kanal “Eurasia”)

Annotation: The article presents an analysis of an Advertising World Model through a description of spatio-temporal and subject-object characteristics of the World Model, formed by Commercial Television Advertising. For the description of an Advertising World Model, the authors have conducted a content analysis of commercials broadcasted at “Pervyy kanal “Eurasia.”
According to the authors, by impressing specific values, the advertisement thereby promotes a certain
way of life. The authors consider advertising as a means of manipulating the mass consciousness. The paper presents an analysis of manipulation of needs; “spiritual” manipulation – generation of certain ideals and values; intellectual manipulation; feeling manipulation, etc.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Content analysis of social differentiation of children’s television products (case study of “Balapan” TV-channel programs)

Annotation: This articleshowsa case study ofsocial differentiation of«Balapan» channel productson the basis of content analysis. Differentiation on the grounds of gender, age, education, interests, nationality, and place of living was considered. These criteria are taken into accountduring content creation process and according to child's social group the channel product is created, which will be optimized for each audience.
Authorsprovidedbasic social children's groupsandanalyzedstrategies and ways of impact, used while creating children's television content. Key functional areas of «Balapan» children's channel programmes are defined, they are: informative, educational andentertainment. According to authors, first and foremost children audience is attracted bya colorfulaudiovisual picture on TV-screen. The older the viewer gets, the more meaningful its televisions product's receptivity becomes. Strategies and ways of impact for each age category (junior preschool, seniorpreschool, junior school, teen andearly adolescence aged) are considered while creating children's television content.

Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

Тransformation of russian color view of the world under bilingual conditions in Кazakhstan

Annotation: This article covers a Russian color view of the world enriched with additional associations and getting a new symbolic interpretation in the Russian-Kazakh bilingualism. The author tried to follow up the manner in which speech practice of using color naming in Kazakh language affects color concepts in Russian language.