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Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Organizational-economic aspects of innovative development company Pavlodar region

Annotation: The article describes the results of an analytical assessment of innovative potential of Pavlodar region. Now in terms of the investment attractiveness of the country, it becomes an important task of forming a competitive domestic reserves of socio-economic development of the region, the solution of which requires the development of innovative management solutions. Innovations embodied in the new scientific knowledge, products, technologies, services, equipment, training of personnel, organization of production, is a major competitive factor in all economically developed countries. In the face of fierce competition inherent in a market economy, the innovative development of enterprises has become a key tool for ensuring sustainable long-term development

Author: A.N. Maksutov

Credit portfolio management of a commercial bank: problems and ways of their solution

Annotation: Today, management of credit portfolio is the key question of the commercial bank credit activity. In the paper the main problems of credit portfolio management of a commercial bank are presented and the description of the activities for their solution is given.


Forming of evaluative bearings of growing up generation

Annotation: The article has an attempt of figuring out content and character of evaluative notion changes of growing up generation in a new Kazakh society including nowadays difficulties and contradictions. All changes, taking place in our society, first of all economic, sociopolitical, psychical spheres, has influence on evaluative bearings of growing up generation. The authors of the study made a survey among the Kazakh youth, the purpose of which was to identify the value orientations of growing up generation of 14-17 years old.

Urbanization impact on the ethno-cultural processes

Annotation: In the article the traditional socio-cultural values in terms of urbanization are discussed, the trends in the development of ethno-cultural processes are characterized. On the basis of the sociological study the conservation of traditionalrituals is especially analyzed, ethno cultural orientation and level of knowledge of certain elements of national culture is identified.In our view, it’s interesting to consider the transition of anthroponomy and other proper names in the category of urbanoniums. It is the process of the reflecting the historical, social, political and cultural transformation. It describes a certain historical period and helps with it to follow up the history of the city. Alsourbanonims base the main source of linguistic and regional geographic research. So, there are some examples of rise of urbanonims in Kazakh, Russian and English languages are given.

Author: N.S. Seitova

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Price as a competitive ability factor of university education services

Annotation: This article examines pricing at the university education service market as an integral element of general
university competitive strategy. It also analyses university education price reductions (case study of Pavlodar


«Green» economy concept aspects in the petrochemical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: In this article it is considered a compliance assessment of developing industrial sectors of the country to
the principles of «green» economy based on the example of the petrochemical complex of the Republic of
Kazakhstan. Relevance of the research is caused by the need to build «green» low-carbon economy. The
implementation of «green» economy concept will be a strong incentive for technological renovation for the
numbers of industries. The directions of the «green» economy in the petrochemical industry of the Republic of
Kazakhstan have been determined, as well as an analysis of international experience to implement the principles
of «green» economy in the petrochemical industry has been carried out.


Influence of the informal relations on management of the enterprises’ and organizations’ activity

Annotation: In the paper it is considered the problem of emergence of the informal relations, their
influence on management of the enterprises’ and the organizations’ activity, and also emergence of informal
practices which reflect a modern socio-political and socio-economic situation of a transition period.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

Psychological and pedagogical bases of training future teachers for the professional activity

Annotation: This article views the problem of professional readiness of a future teacher to the
professional work. Much attention is given to the contemporary social and economic situation and the
increasing role of the system of education. The readiness of a future teacher to the professional work is
presented as a system containing such components as motivation, knowledge and skills. The conditions
necessary for improvement the training of future teacher to their professional work have been specified.

Integral transformations method in soil freezing problems

Annotation: The method of integral transformations is used to study the process of bodies heating and cooling. As
a result of theoretical calculations the regime of soil freezing depending on the ambient temperature was
established. Laplace transformation is practically used to determing patterns temperature of constructed
concrete dams, building grounds

On solution of geometric problems with a complex figure

Annotation: In the article it is highlighted a unconventional approach to problem solving method with ambiguous
geometry figure in a school course allowing a complex figure according to the source data. Some problems of
this type are presented; the different approaches to drawing of each figure to each of these problems are sited;
tips on their solution are given. The interpretation of these problems applying The Geometer's Sketchpad
developed by Nicholas Jackiw and Scott Steketee should draw the interest of teachers and students.

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