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N.B. Ruditsa

Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

Education and modern society of Kazakhstan

Annotation: Annotation. In this article the analysis of genesis of views of education as system of communications of
elements, functions and the purposes is considered. The essence of the modern national doctrine of formation of
the Republic of Kazakhstan as sovereign, independent state is also stated.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

Formation and value orientations of young people

Annotation: Annotation. The attempt to study the content and character of changes in the value conceptions of young
people in modern Kazakhstan society with its inherent difficulties and contradictions in the article was made.
Changes occurring in our society, and, first of all, in the economic, socio-political, spiritual spheres, affect the
value orientations of young people.

Author: N.B. Ruditsa

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

The importance of diasporas and their influence on socio-economic and political processes in the modern world

Annotation: In the present article forming of diasporas, their importance and influence on socioeconomic,
political processes, and also growing role and importance of diasporas in the modern world,
influence of them on national-territorial and state entities is considered.

Formation of value orientations of youth

Annotation: The article describes the content and nature of changes in the value representations of young
people in modern Kazakhstan society with its inherent difficulties and contradictions. Changes occurring in our
society, and primarily in the economic, socio-political, spiritual spheres, affect the value orientations of young

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Management Trends in reforming the higher education system

Annotation: This article discusses global trends in the development of the higher education system, including higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is also considered and the processes. Analyzed determines the transition to the post-industrial stage of development, which is based on an innovative direction.
As part of the innovation activities of the state is considered the intellectual capital as a strategic factor
determining the prospects of its development and competitiveness. All this implies the development of effective resource management measures.


Demographic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and their peculiarities

Annotation: The presented article examines the demographic processes taking place in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which characterize the demographic situation in Kazakhstan. And also the objectives and tasks of the state, the main of which is the management of demographic processes and development of the effective type of population reproduction are considered. The population policy covers a wide range of problems of reproductivity, the creation of the composition and structure of labor resources and their effective application. In a narrow sense, the demographic policy should be understood as the impact on the reproductivity by means of socio-economic activities that affect the demographic processes. The dramatically limited resources make it impossible to solve the government control problems of socio-demographic processes, employment, and unemployment in the required degree.

Formation and development of the educational system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Annotation: The article deals with the basic concepts of the formation and development of higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As well as the policies of redistribution of responsibilities of management in higher education system and its gradual decentralization that will not only distribute power and responsibility, but also introduce a more democratic form of government. Expand the autonomy institutions of higher education and ensure active public participation in the management of higher education institutions and the quality of its educational programs.
One of the fundamental factors is to attract students to identify the competencies of employers, academic
communities, graduates. Learning objectives at the same time should be determined in accordance with the
professional requirements of the labor market.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

The demographic policy of Kazakhstan

Annotation: This article deals with the theoretical aspects of demographic policy of Kazakhstan, as well as analysis of the problem and the demographic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also it studies target of demographic policy and government measures to improve the demographic situation in the country. There is another reserve; it is those people who live in other countries are similar in many respects to the Kazakh people, and who want to live in Kazakhstan. Today it is especially important to make the new apartments available to the population and reduce the cost of their cost. In connection with the transformation of the republic into a huge construction site of the construction industry should be developed intensively

Socio-cultural factors influencing learning motivation of students admission to the University

Annotation: In this article the process of socialization of the young generation is examined in the new system of market relations, taking into account his adaptation in a sociocultural environment. Development of social motivation based on the increasing of pursuance of receiving higher education taking into account new market tendencies in social and educational sphere has special relevance.
Increasing of interest in the problems of students leads to accumulation of empiric and theoretical material about learning activity motivation, motivational preferences and system of values of the students, social status of the students of higher educational institutions, about attitude to higher education system and quality of teaching in higher educational institutions.

Theoretical and methodological problems of social diagnostics of resources management

Annotation: The article attempts to analyze the social diagnostics. The main objective of social diagnostics is to identify the content of the factors in the economic, psychological, demographic, legal and other spheres of public life. In the present paper attempts to analyze the social diagnosis. It analyzes the ambiguity of the conceptual content of the social diagnosis. The general characteristic of the algorithm in the social development of Kazakhstan's societ. The mechanism, which aims mainly at creating market relations among universities.

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