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Technical science

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 4

Modern system of state supervision, safety monitoring and labor protection

Annotation: The paper presents the concept of full employment orientation basis of any employee, which will promote
cooperation in all elements of the control system and eliminate the negative developments in the industry.
Formation, rather than improving working conditions, will strengthen the professional capacity of workers and
to extend the operating time by eliminating unregulated work breaks, which sometimes reach 40 % of operating

The organization of management in conditions of emergency relief operations in the Pavlodar region

Annotation: The work analyzes the emergency situations that occurred on the territory of the Pavlodar region. The
main causes of emergencies of natural and man-made nature are presented.
The article contains the results of the analysis of the effectiveness of management in a safety-related
system in the Pavlodar region and recommendations for improving the safety-related system during the
emergency relief operations.

Current issues of the system of organization and compliance with regulations in the field of labor protection at «Aluminum of Kazakhstan» JSC

Annotation: The analysis of the current management system of labor protection at «Aluminum of Kazakhstan» JSC is
provided. Services and departments providing production activities are presented. The basic principles of the
management system of labor protectionare considered. The organization of work on labor protection and
development of corrective and preventive actions are presented.

Maintenance of statistics of control and measuring instruments with the help of an automated workplace of a metrological engineer

Annotation: The purpose of the work is the creation of an information system that allows to carry out activity on
accounting and keeping statistics on the means of measurement used in production. An analysis of the use of
such a system at a number of large industrial enterprises is performed. The database and the program working
with a database of means of measurement on required technological positions and maintenance are developed.
The program provides graphs on the accumulated statistical data.

The review of national legal instruments dealing with chemicals management issues

Annotation: This article considers chemical safety as a system of measures aimed at protecting vital human interests
against adverse chemical effect from threats of processing, storing and destroying hazardous chemicals.
Chemical safety is ensured by a complex of legal, organizational, financial, material and informational
measures intended for prevention and elimination of real and potential security risk, mitigation of their

Determination of the effectiveness of the use of a biological preparation «Bacticide» in combating gnat

Annotation: The proposed article presents the results of a study of the effectiveness of the application of the biological
preparation «Bacticide» to combat blood-sucking insects.
The relevance of the topic is due to the enzooticity of a significant part of the territory of the Republic of
Kazakhstan for various natural-focal diseases. The carriers of many diseases are blood-sucking arthropods,
which provide circulation of pathogens in nature and serve as their reservoirs and long-term custodians. The
study of ecologo-epizootological features of vectors of medical significance in various infectious diseases is an
important part of the work in the complex of antiepidemic measures.

Advantages of introducing elements of a quality management system in the construction of highways

Annotation: The main provisions of the road quality management concept are outlined, as well as the tasks are
defined that need to be solved in order to ensure the management of the system at three levels: strategic, tactical
and operational.

Visual modeling of processes for service center automation

Annotation: In this article on the materials of "Gamma" LLP and with the help of Rational Rose visual modeling of
processes for automation of the service center is conducted.

Development of mobile application "Bayan" for Android operating system

Annotation: The article describes the advantages of mobile applications, which are actual means of providing
information. The statistics of common mobile operating systems are given. The developed mobile application
"Bayan"is described. The advantages of the developed application for the user are shown.

Professional deformation of a personality in conditions of monotonous work at "Aluminium of Kazakhstan" JSC

Annotation: The article deals with the features of the manifestation of professional deformation of a personality in
conditions of monotonous work. The base of the research is "Aluminum of Kazakhstan" JSC.
The author has studied possible problems associated with professional deformation under monotonous
work conditions, examined various structures of personality deformation.
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