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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

Behavioral safety audit as a tool for changing the work culture

Annotation: The article presents new tools for managing labour safety to conduct behavioral safety audits, transforming meetings and labor protection councils into cascade committees, to implement technical and safety standards, and to use new assessment and motivation system and methods of internal incidents investigation.


Environmental assessment of mercury contamination of the wastewater storage facility Bylkyldak

Annotation: The article describes visually detectable anomalies in the structure of the crucian carpet, which make it
possible to consider them as a reliable tool for operative ecological monitoring of aquatic ecosystems under the
conditions of the anthropic press. The results of the conducted studies were tested in the course of the research
"The Post-Mercury Control of Mercury Pollution in the Territory of the Former PO" Khimprom", and also
appear to be important in assessing the environmental risk from groundwater pollution and adjacent water
bodies in the northern industrial zone of Pavlodar.

Research of possibility of the applying gellants in dairy products technology

Annotation: Gellants are food additives used to increase the dencity and create a certain structure of the food product. In the dairy industry, there is an active work at developing new technologies for fermented milk products, which allows improving organoleptic quality indicators with the use of gellants. In this article, an analysis of the assortment of gellants used in the dairy industry was analyzed.

Improvement of Kazakh horses of zhabe type by breeding by lines

Annotation: The article emphasizes the importance of carrying out breeding work with Kazakh horses of the zhabe
type, which are of great importance for the productive horse breeding industry.
The results of selection experiments on improving breeding and productive qualities are presented on the
example of the Kazakh zhabe horses of Seletiinsky factory type at a stud farm "Altai Karpik Saydaly-Sartoka" of the Irtysh district of the Pavlodar region.

Ways of global interpersonal communication in the XXI century

Annotation: The present article deals with the multivariate methods of interpersonal communication in the context of
the global informatization of society through the means of Internet communication. Also, the article notes the
associated processes of social and cultural changes in society, the trend towards the diffusion of values, the
commercialization of all links of mass information transmitted via the Internet.


Blog as a genre of virtual diary

Annotation: The article considers the blog as a genre of virtual diary (blogosphere). On the example of the materials
of Kaznet blog platforms, the most relevant news trends are shown, that attracting everyone's attention and
forming public opinion. It is noted that in this plane the leading place belongs to the Kazakhstan segment of
Facebook, which takes the place of the main source of investigations and real sensations.


The importance of the child's speech development in kindergarten

Annotation: In this article the problem of speech is examined for the children of preschool age on the lessons of
Kazakh in kindergarten. Also, various methods of teaching the Kazakh language for a more successful
development of speech and mastering the Kazakh language are considered.
The article points out that the goal of the development of children of younger preschool age is the
formation of not only a correct speech but also a good oral speech, taking into account the age characteristics and abilities of children.

Some aspects of the problem of preparing high school students for family Life

Annotation: In the article some aspects of preparation of high school students for family life are considered. At
present, the issues of understanding the family of those entering into marriage become urgent for the society,
which is connected with the life activity of the family. The stability of society depends on the priority and state of
the institution of the family and its internal links.

Methods and techniques of art therapy for the correction of hyperactivity of preschool age children

Annotation: This article contains material about the features of working with pre-school children with attention deficit
and hyperactivity disorder. Psycho-corrective effects will be effective if the psychologist cooperates closely with
parents and teachers. The choice of methods for correcting ADHD should be individual in nature, taking into
account the degree of manifestation of the main manifestations of the syndrome and the presence of concomitant
violations. ADHD correction is possible with a variety of therapies, such as art therapy, neuropsychology, game
therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, sand therapy. The syndrome of hyperactivity influences, first of all, on the
development of the emotional sphere of the child of preschool age, which is expressed in an increased sense of
anxiety, the occurrence of a large number of fears and other types of emotional disorders.