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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 3

Methods and techniques of art therapy for the correction of hyperactivity of preschool age children

Annotation: This article contains material about the features of working with pre-school children with attention deficit
and hyperactivity disorder. Psycho-corrective effects will be effective if the psychologist cooperates closely with
parents and teachers. The choice of methods for correcting ADHD should be individual in nature, taking into
account the degree of manifestation of the main manifestations of the syndrome and the presence of concomitant
violations. ADHD correction is possible with a variety of therapies, such as art therapy, neuropsychology, game
therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, sand therapy. The syndrome of hyperactivity influences, first of all, on the
development of the emotional sphere of the child of preschool age, which is expressed in an increased sense of
anxiety, the occurrence of a large number of fears and other types of emotional disorders.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Freshmen adaptation in a an institution of medical college

Annotation: The article deals with the problems of psychological and pedagogical support of students, the stages, the reasons for the first course in the period of their adaptation to college education. In the article there are specified the notions of psychological and pedagogical support, basic conditions of using support for successful adaptation of freshmen, there are also given methods on research of problems of students’ adaptation. The article deals with capabilities of taking into account individual psychological characteristics of freshmen in adaption to conditions of higher the college education institution. In the work there are also shown the characteristics of key concepts of freshmen adaptation for receiving professional education from the position of psychological, pedagogical and social support. Thus, the following notions are referred to the social position in freshmen support: obtaining a different status – a student status, relative freedom in choosing training trajectory, extension of communication and group interaction, a neutral position of teachers with respect to students, the educational environment and the comfort of psychological atmosphere for successful adaptation.

Author: Z.S. Ammri

The problem of social adaptation of senior citizens

Annotation: In this article the authors considers the emerging problem of social adaptation of senior citizens, important both for the modern psychology and pedagogy. In the article the analysis of socio-psychological literature on the social adaptation of elderly people, as well as an attempt to examine the degree of adaptation of the elderly people in the post labour period. There are the results of a study of social adaptation, which show that senior citizens are characterized by varying degrees of adaptation in the post labour period.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Adaptation of children in a team with a low social status

Annotation: This article presents an analysis of psychological and educational literature on the adaptation of adolescents in general education schools for children with low social status. The author attached special importance to the work of school staff members, on the part of the state and private foundations, which help children and families with a low social status in Kazakhstan.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

The ways of forming of value orientations of students in higher education institution

Annotation: In this article, the author considers the formation of value orientations of students in higher education institution. According to the author, the values of students are formed under the influence of the social environment. Identifying the relationship between value orientations of students, their individual psychological characteristics, individual creativity, and active engagement in the surrounding world is shown through experimentation. In fact, in the article based on methods M. Rokich "Value orientation", S.S. Bubnov "Diagnostics of real structure of value orientations" and R. Cattell "16 factors, exploring personality characteristics of the" analyzing the content of the process of professional adaptation of students identified significant value orientations.The article presents there sultsof research.

Socio-cultural adaptation of students to study abroad

Annotation: This article describes the general issues and the relevance of socio-cultural and linguistic adaptation of Kazakh students traveling to study abroad, as well as certain aspects of the adaptation of students to a foreign culture. The process of learning is seen not only as a procedure of the acquisition of educational knowledge, but also as receiving concomitant life values and skills.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Psycholinguistic experiment as a mean to define communicative adaptation of foreigners in Kazakhstan

Annotation: Detection of communicative adaptation of foreigners in Kazakhstan using associative
experiment of psycholinguistic experiment is disclosed in this article. The run of experiment is descripted in
details. It includes preparatory stage, making the experiment and post-experiment data processing. Conclusion
about the degree of every respondent’s adaptability in Kazakhstan is given in the end of the article.


Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

Аdaptation of younger school students to teaching and educational process of specialized school – the boarding school for exceptional children

Annotation: The analysis of psychological and educational literature on the adaptation of first-graders in a music school - a boarding school for gifted children. The author focuses on the necessity of modern technology and necessity of specialized school for gifted children in optimization the adaptation process of first-grade children.


А map of individual development of pupil иниернатного is establishments as method of social adaptation of children-orphans and children, remaining without care of parents

Annotation: In this article the features of forming of social adaptation are examined for the pupils of schools-boarding-schools for children-orphans and children, remaining without the care of parents. Basic tasks and stages of social adaptation open up in the article, the ways of their realization are offered by drafting of the program of social adaptation in school-boarding-school.