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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

Digitalization of the health sector in Kazakhstan: the main stages, problems and prospects

Annotation: The article discusses the development of digital health care in Kazakhstan, the pace of development of
which allows us to predict with confidence the intensive development of smart medicine in the future. The main
stages of digitalization of health care are considered, while the main trends characterizing the features and
problems of its development at the present stage were highlighted.


Professional staff communication as one of the elements of human resource development

Annotation: This article discusses the theoretical aspects of professional staff communication as one of the elements
of the development of personnel


Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 4

Maintenance of statistics of control and measuring instruments with the help of an automated workplace of a metrological engineer

Annotation: The purpose of the work is the creation of an information system that allows to carry out activity on
accounting and keeping statistics on the means of measurement used in production. An analysis of the use of
such a system at a number of large industrial enterprises is performed. The database and the program working
with a database of means of measurement on required technological positions and maintenance are developed.
The program provides graphs on the accumulated statistical data.

Visual modeling of processes for service center automation

Annotation: In this article on the materials of "Gamma" LLP and with the help of Rational Rose visual modeling of
processes for automation of the service center is conducted.

Peculiarities of the method of teaching discipline

Annotation: "Information communication technologies" in English language
Annotation. The article discusses the use of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
methodology in the teaching of the discipline "Information and Communication Technologies" in English. The
use of this technology in polylingual groups is most appropriate, since the CLIL pursues two goals, namely, the
study of the subject through a foreign language, and a foreign language through the taught subject.
Integrability is determined by the fundamental nature of ICT and the nature of the basic objects of its
study; the ability to work with information refers to general educational skills. Teaching ICT in English allows
students to look at English from an information point of view.
To assimilate the material, the already existing knowledge of students in the user aspect is reinforced,
relying on the basic concepts of ICT and competence in the field of informatics, expanding the literacy skills of
ICT tools and English-language software, enriching vocabulary in English, forming orientation skills in the
English interface of applied and office programs ..

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 2

Internet marketing as an instrument to improve business performance

Annotation: The article deals with the essence and content of Internet marketing as one of the modern tools to improve business performance.
The sphere of application of Internet marketing tools and technologies and the statistics of their effectiveness evaluation in foreign practice of business structures are considered.
The main methods used in the preparation of the article are methods of statistical and analytical analysis and graphical interpretation of results, an analytical review of foreign experience in using Internet marketing as a modern business tool.
The information component of the article, conclusions and recommendations are aimed at determining an effective business model within the digital market based on Internet marketing.


Foreign information competence as one of the key competences in the modern information society

Annotation: The article reveals the essence of information competence as a key factor for successful adaptation and self-realization of students in a dynamically developing information society.


Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

Research and methodical basis of information and communication technologies in the teaching of mathematics

Annotation: The article deals with the application of information and communication technologies in the teaching of mathematics. These technologies contribute to the development of independent thinking, help to rationally use time, form interdisciplinary communication.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Activation of educational activity of schoolchildren of 6–7 classes by means of application of informatively-communicative technologies (evidence from history lessons)

Annotation: In this article the question connected with the activation of cognitive activity of students. It one of issues of the day on the modern stage of development of pedagogical theory and practice. An author exposes development of activity, independence, initiativeness, creative approach to the thing, these are the requirements of life, qualificatory that direction in that it is necessary to perfect an educational process in a great deal. Searches of ways of development of schoolchildren’s activation of cognitive activity, developing their cognitive flairs and independence is a task that teachers are called to decide. The use of ICТ, that allows to activate thinking, ability to offer the variants of vision of problem, question, themes in the narrow and wide understanding and participating in the discussion are examined in the article. It helps to improve quality education, forms a culture, aesthetic skills of students, develop attention, memory. All this has a practical orientation in different areas and spheres of activity of student. Information technologies, examined in this scientific article as a process of the use of totality of facilities, methods of collection, treatment and communication of data - assists working off at the methods of students of actions, helps forming of processes of self-government of personality, will transform an effectively-practical sphere and carries out the emotionally-semantic going near the study of questions, that discussions, professional orientation.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 2

Modern trends of informatization in the educational process of higher education institution

Annotation: The article describes the basic trends of IT management in the educational process of higher educational institutions. The problem of transition to a new model of education quality, determined by the State Program of Education development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019, causes a broader implementation of information technologies in the process of education. The paper presents the main reasons according to which educational institutions use information systems, as well as the possibility of the results of the introduction of information technologies. These technologies expand the boundaries of information and educational space for more efficient management of the educational process. Summarizing the results of the researches in this field the author identified and analyzed the subsystems of the university management.

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