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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

The role of communication in the management of the organization

Annotation: The purpose of this article is to study and analyze the role of communications in motivating staff in an
organization. It is noted that the modern personnel management system is based on the fact that people are the
most important economic resource of an enterprise, the source of its profits, competitiveness and prosperity. The
motivation of the staff of any enterprise is one of the leading functions of the management of the company, since
the achievement of the main goal depends on the coherence of the work of people. This thesis underlies the
description and classification of communications, the consideration of types and tools for building
communication within an organization.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Socio-cultural factors influencing learning motivation of students admission to the University

Annotation: In this article the process of socialization of the young generation is examined in the new system of market relations, taking into account his adaptation in a sociocultural environment. Development of social motivation based on the increasing of pursuance of receiving higher education taking into account new market tendencies in social and educational sphere has special relevance.
Increasing of interest in the problems of students leads to accumulation of empiric and theoretical material about learning activity motivation, motivational preferences and system of values of the students, social status of the students of higher educational institutions, about attitude to higher education system and quality of teaching in higher educational institutions.

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 3

Principles of formation of the labour activity motivation at the industrial enterprises

Annotation: According to the “Productivity 2020” Program passed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the target indicator till 2020 is doubling the labour productivity at the manufacturing plants. Onу of the intensive factors of the labour productivity development is effective motivation of the labour activity. In the article there are described the principles of formation of the labour activity motivation at the industrial enterprises which are reflected in various concepts of motivation and stimulation of human resources.

Author: Markina I.V.

Formatting of school's motivation for children in Primary school

Annotation: The article examines how a motivation of primary school children through certain activities. These types of authors reflect consistently implemented educator blocks: emotional, motivational and cognitive-target. The article also suggested exercises and tasks allows to generate, according to the authors, the motivation of the children in primary schools.

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

«Quality of life» model and its impact on the product quality

Annotation: The article presents the results of analysis of the model quality «career development» and its impact on the quality of products in terms of production pipe rolling PB LLP «KSP Steel».There are defined the main factors affecting the quality of career development of the employee. A new model improving the «quality of life» is suggested.


Motivation metaphors transmitted by word formation

Annotation: The article discusses the theory of motivation in linguistics, derivation of metaphors are fully considered.


Number of the journal, №: 2012. № 4

Сommunication as the main development aspect of the child

Annotation: This article discusses the special role of communication in the harmonious development of the child of preschool age. The article analyzes the characteristic of the content of the following concepts: communication, communication. Considerable attention is given to the process of communication, as a necessary condition for social and personal development of the child, as well as the development of its communication activities.