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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 4

Development of mobile application "Bayan" for Android operating system

Annotation: The article describes the advantages of mobile applications, which are actual means of providing
information. The statistics of common mobile operating systems are given. The developed mobile application
"Bayan"is described. The advantages of the developed application for the user are shown.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 2

Psychological features of protective behavior of preschool children

Annotation: In the article psychological features of protective behavior of preschool children are considered. Also, the theoretical basis for studying protective behavior as an intensive use of behavioral protective means for children is presented, which is part of the normative development process and is conditioned by a complex of socio-psychological, individual psychological characteristics of the child.

Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

The use of information technologies for the popularization of the Kazakh language through the Internet

Annotation: The purpose of this work is to create an information system that promotes Kazakh language popularization in social networks. Kazakh language usage analysis in the Internet had been made. The database and software with a bilingual interface that generate and send messages in the Internet has been developed. Increasing Kazakh language popularity methodology using a messenger program is also suggested.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 4

Review of indicators of transport infrastructure development in Pavlodar region

Annotation: The state of transport infrastructure depends on the economic, social stability and communicability of any connections within the country, so as with other countries. The state program for the development of the territories sets the indicators of direct and final results for the purposeful development of the transport infrastructure. The state of the transport infrastructure is assessed based on an analysis of the achievement of these indicators. The article considers approaches to the analysis of indicators of direct and final results of transport infrastructure under the program of territory development of Pavlodar region.

Author: A.N. Yertaeva

Evaluation of biological science component of the functional literacy of secondary school students

Annotation: The article presents the results of a study of the functional literacy of students in biology of grades 9th. The methodology for assessing the functional literacy of 15-year-old students of the international PISA program is used. Approbation was conducted with the test tasks of different level of complexity for an assessment of natural-science functional literacy. The results of the research showed that in the process of preparing students for the exam it is necessary to conduct systematic work directly with the test tasks and at the same time to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills of the basic level.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 3

Principles of creation of user interface

Annotation: Principles of development of graphic user interface are considered in the article. Possibility of creation is described by comfortable and clear to the user of model of co-operating with software without the necessity of study of some special language. The authors, based on the analysis of development of user interface, pointed out a problem on bearableness of software on other operating systems, because a graphic interface essentially depends on the possibilities given by the operating system for his creation. The article is sanctified to the analysis of principles of creation of user interface. An attempt to identify factors that are a prerequisite for creating an effective user interface model was made.

Number of the journal, №: 2016. № 1

Management of the healthcare organizations in the current conditions: problems and prospects of development

Annotation: The issues of formation of scientific and methodological bases for improving healthcare organizations activity are considered, healthcare system in current market conditions are studied in this article. Such issues as competition between healthcare institutions providing medical services are also studied in this work. Main, crucial functions of control over management and marketing in healthcare institution are considered. Basic tools for improving efficiency of production capacity and financial resources of healthcare institution are suggested.

Author: A.М. Kuzekov

Content analysis of social differentiation of children’s television products (case study of “Balapan” TV-channel programs)

Annotation: This articleshowsa case study ofsocial differentiation of«Balapan» channel productson the basis of content analysis. Differentiation on the grounds of gender, age, education, interests, nationality, and place of living was considered. These criteria are taken into accountduring content creation process and according to child's social group the channel product is created, which will be optimized for each audience.
Authorsprovidedbasic social children's groupsandanalyzedstrategies and ways of impact, used while creating children's television content. Key functional areas of «Balapan» children's channel programmes are defined, they are: informative, educational andentertainment. According to authors, first and foremost children audience is attracted bya colorfulaudiovisual picture on TV-screen. The older the viewer gets, the more meaningful its televisions product's receptivity becomes. Strategies and ways of impact for each age category (junior preschool, seniorpreschool, junior school, teen andearly adolescence aged) are considered while creating children's television content.

The health care system of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage

Annotation: The effectiveness of public health is closely related to country's economy generally. In its turn, the public health has an influence on economic development of the national economy through the preservation of population's health (mortality decrease, morbidity and disability, increase of average life expectancy). In this article are carried out the analysis of the current state of the public health system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It's focused on questions like health financing and the distribution of the country's budgetary resources in this area. The results of the State programm of reform and development of public health are analyzed. The results of the state program of reforming and development of public health were analized and its second phase was considered: the state program "Densaulyk" in the years of 2016–2020 which will be aimed at consolidating and developing of the achieved results and the solving of available problems in the issues of healthcare.

Quality management of the educational process for the preparation nurses of new pharmacy in accordance with international requirements (on the basis of materials of Pavlodar medical college)

Annotation: The article is devoted to the quality of the educational process, when medical colleges get more additional responsibility for the results of their educational activities, the attention of preparing nurses is able to increase the efficiency of the health system in the Republic of Kazakhstan. These are nurses of new pharmacy in accordance with the contemporary challenges of society and the international standards. This area is considered as part of the educational program of applied bachelor degree nursing in Pavlodar medical college.

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