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Number of the journal, №: 2017. № 1

The investigation of the production of copper powder from wastes of metallurgy industry

Annotation: This article is devoted to the consideration of methods for receiving copper powder. The main methods of obtaining copper based on them are analyzed, the possibility of complex extraction of the investigated metal from spent solutions (wastes) of electrolytic production of copper.

Author: E.R. Azhikeev

Number of the journal, №: 2015. № 2

Methods of energy saving increase under during agglomerate production at Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Branch of “Kazchrome” JSC

Annotation: In this article issues of efficient use of ferroalloys production waste to save costs are considered; energy
efficiency of agglomerate production is calculated; sintering heat balance data are presented by a case study of
Aksu Ferrolloy Plant. According to the annual economic benefits calculation the folowing results are obtained:
due to аglogases recirculation, fuel saving is 1334.5 t.o.e.; due to reheating it is 1491 t.o.e.; due to installation
of thyristor converters to the unit the annual energy saving is 1714000 kWh.
Thus, it is identified that besides energy-efficiency measures during recycling of solid and gaseous
wastes, the use of agglomerate increases IPF electric furnaces performance as well, decreases specific energy
and reducing agent consumption which means the prime cost of finished products will be reduced.

Waste-heat recovery of turbine condenser water Method

Annotation: One of the directions of energy saving is the application of heat pumps by means of which it
is possible to use low-potential, usually waste heat. The question of the possibility of using heat pumps in
thermal power plants is considered in the present article. Also a diagram of possible use in thermal power
stations of low-grade waste heat with heat pump installation is presented in the article.

Author: А.P. Plevako

Number of the journal, №: 2014. № 1

Methods of household waste utilizing

Annotation: This article describes the methods of your household waste disposal and obtaining of plastics based on styrofoam dissolved in gasoline.

Methods for improved process of anaerobic fermentation

Annotation: The article describes intensification methods of the anaerobic digestion process, contributed to the enhancement of biogas installations productivity. Microbiological and constructive-technological methods of anaerobic digestion process intensification are analyzed, their advantages and disadvantages are pointed out.