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Number of the journal, №: 2018. № 2

Digitalization of the health sector in Kazakhstan: the main stages, problems and prospects

Annotation: The article discusses the development of digital health care in Kazakhstan, the pace of development of
which allows us to predict with confidence the intensive development of smart medicine in the future. The main
stages of digitalization of health care are considered, while the main trends characterizing the features and
problems of its development at the present stage were highlighted.


Functional areas of support for private businesses (on the example of Pavlodar region)

Annotation: The condition for the successful development of the country's economy is the presence and effective
operation of small and medium-sized businesses. The procedure of opening and running a business is one of the
key indicators of competitiveness in the index of efficiency of the country's economy. In Kazakhstan, business
opening procedures are perceived in different regions in different ways, primarily it depends on the level of
motivation of entrepreneurs. The activity of the Regional chambers of entrepreneurs is aimed at providing
functional support to small and medium-sized businesses. The article shows the activities of the Regional
chamber of entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region and describes all activities of the organization. In the Pavlodar
region, much attention is paid to the development of entrepreneurship, which has become a priority for the
leadership of the region in the last few years.


On the issue of improving the quality management system for the development of normative and technical documentation

Annotation: The article analyzes the system of development, design, storage and operation of normative and technical
documentation in regional university. Measures are proposed to improve the quality control of normative and
technical documentation, including a project to improve the quality control of technical documentation.


The influence of trade organizers on the market: the role and functionality

Annotation: At present, the role of trade organizers in the conditions of a rapidly changing economic situation, global
financial crises, and the rapid development of market relations is very important and significant. First of all, in
the support of entrepreneurship, the development of trade relations, the promotion of local goods inside the
country and abroad, the creation of conditions for the organization and development of trade in general. In this
publication, the author analyzes the trade turnover of the Soviet and current periods, as a result of which the
30 Вестник Инновационного Евразийского университета. 2018. № 2 ISSN 1729-536X
conclusion follows that, in addition to the state, other subjects of commodity circulation are also needed to
create conditions for the development of trade. They were the organizers of trade. However, in the publication a
significant place is given to the legal personality of special subjects of trade, the characteristics of the main
types and functions of each of them, tasks and goals, as well as the problems of organizers of trade.

Author: D.A. Kuanova

Professional staff communication as one of the elements of human resource development

Annotation: This article discusses the theoretical aspects of professional staff communication as one of the elements
of the development of personnel


The significance of the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment on the enterprise

Annotation: This article can help to address the problem of increasing the level of finished products in enterprises and
also reducing the risk of production downtime such as equipment failure. Below is a discussion of ways to
eliminate these problems and the reasons for which it is important to raise the level of workers' skills, the
importance of regular inspection of equipment, and how to repair equipment in a timely manner without
production downtime.

Lime yield and roasting time using ferroalloy gas

Annotation: Evaluation of the output of lime is made for three options for the use of Ferroalloy gas: when you use the
physical heat of the gas; when using the chemical energy of the gas and the location of the reactor after
scrubbing; when sharing of sensible heat and chemical energy of the gas.
As a result of the calculation of the expected yield of lime, it was found that the use of Ferroalloy gas for
the production of lime can fully provide or at least compensate for the deficit of lime in the production of steel.
The technology of calcination of limestone with Ferroalloy gas is presented in the form of a cycle
synchronized with the smelting of steel, including, in accordance with the gas outlet from the layer and their
alternation with pauses of inter-blowing periods. The preliminary technological characteristics of firing
obtained as a result of theoretical analysis are used for further experimental and theoretical studies.

Characteristics of the composition, properties of delicious-spicy plants

Annotation: The article presents the characteristics of the main types of delicious-spicy plants and organoleptic
properties of spices, which are of great importance in the modern world. The mechanisms of influence of tastyspicy
plants on the body with therapeutic and preventive purposes, proven in the research work of foreign and
domestic scientists, increase the effectiveness of their use in various fields of production, especially as food

The use of probiotic Clostat in the diet of pigs

Annotation: This article discusses the use of probiotic Clostat method of adding a dry mixture in the combined feed in
its production. This probiotic has a high resistance to enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract of animals,
antagonistic activity to pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms. This probiotic normalizes the intestinal
microflora, increases the resistance of farm animals. Probiotic Clostet improves the digestion process, which
affects positively the transition of weaned piglets on self-catering.

The effect of pre- and probiotic preparations on the state of the intestinal microflora of healthy and sick calf dyspepsia

Annotation: This article describes the effect of pre- and probiotics on the condition of intestinal microflora for
newborn calves. It has been established that in the intestines of calves, in addition to lactic and bifidobacteria,
conditionally pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus and streptococcus are contained. When taking
pre- and probiotics in the experimental groups of animals, a decrease in the content of conditionally pathogenic
microflora was observed with a dynamic increase in obligate, which indicates a positive effect on the formation
of intestinal microbiocenosis during the milk period.

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